A Bookworm’s Dilemma!

I’ve always been a bookworm. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading, I always carried books with me wherever I went. I was the sort of kid that could spend hours, in Summer, curled up on the sofa reading. And although I’ve always been an avid reader, at 22, I’m still conflicted when it comes to watching movies based on books. I must admit, I always claim I won’t watch movies based on books because they leave out so much details I get so annoyed and end up in a bad mood which isn’t what I want when watchin a movie.

As The Fault in Our Stars is everywhere right now, and having read the book last year, I’m still unsure whether I’ll watch the movie or not. From the trailer I can already sort of tell that they got it slightly wrong. The trailer made the story seem very similar to A Walk to Remember, which is not what I got out of reading the book.

But there have been cases where I’ve loved the movies as much as the book, even if in isolated cases. First that come to mind are the Hunger Games movies and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The books were still better in general but I think these movies came quite close to the actual plot in the books.

Then there’s the movies I absolutely hate and refuse to watch because they are almost nothing like the books. The Harry Potter movies are one such example. All the Nicholas Sparks ones too. I was also disappointed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo even though I read the book after watching the movie. I won’t comment on Twilight  because I believe they should have never made them into movies and just let them be the almost-good novels that they are. The classics like Pride and Prejudice for instance have had endless movie adaptations made, though I seem to not mind those as much.

There’s Gone Girl coming out soon, also based on a favourite book of mine. It stars Ben Affleck so I’m sure there’s going to be loads of hype around that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s your take on books vs movies? Do you get annoyed as I do? 

Claire x


Rambling Monday!

Hey there! I decided I should give myself a little break from studying and blog a little. This usually works in my favour as I get all excited when I blog and it helps getting me back to concentrating on school stuff.

I had a relative dull weekend this weekend due to a back sprain which took off on Friday. Ughh I never knew back pain could be this painful. I basically stayed at home with my family on Friday and spent Saturday night in with my boyfriend watching a movie which I’ll talk about in a second. We needed a night in since I’m busy most of the time and it’s rare that we get to spend a night in these days.

We watched The Call which stars Halle Berry and it’s such a good movie. It’s a thriller about this 911 responder who helps a girl who has been kidnapped…over the phone. It was one of those films where you can’t look away even for a second. I loved it even though I was a bit scared at times. It’s not scary though, I’m just a silly person who’s terrified of everything.

I should be posting more this week, a mini-collaboration, information about an upcoming event I will be attending, all that fun stuff.

Other than that, my boyfriend and I got hooked on the game 2048 which I suggest you download NOW because it’s awesome. I’ve been loving the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance (how cool is that name?) which has reggae and folk influences. I’ll link it below and have a listen. Remember when I used to link a song after every post? If you do, you’re awesome, because it means you’ve been around for a while.

Have an awesome week,



Not a Review: The Book Thief

Hey everyone! So today I was planning a review post about make-up though I’m at my boyfriend’s without my camera or the product I wanted to review so I got to thinking and I’ve decided to do a ‘not a review’ post. I did this a while back where basically I take a movie and comment on anything but the story, you can use IMDB.com for that.

We watched The Book Thief on Friday and it was incredible. Great story, great cinematography and awesome pieces of clothes. Yes you heard right, I loved clothes from Nazi Germany in the World War II. I didn’t realise until half way through the movie that every now and then I was commenting on a satchel or a pair of shoes or even their hair. Before you think I’m a weirdo, let me show you what I mean. The_Book_Thief_1 Book Thief liesel-and-rudy the-book-thief

Image 1 – Can you guess what I’m going to comment about? The coat! You probably know what a sucker for coats I am. The shade of this one is beautiful and the little detail at the top is amazing. She wears it throughout the movie and I don’t blame her, I would wear a coat that beautiful all the time too. (She was also very poor…but that’s another thing)

Image 2 – The shoes. A cross between boots and brogues make this pair perfect. Again the shade, like the coat is lovely and I can easily see myself wearing something like that. The socks coming out the top are in my opinion, a perfect touch.

Image 3 – RUDY. He’s the boy. This boy is super cute and his scenes are my favourite throughout. He’s cheeky and witty and very sweet. He’s also very, very well dressed. He goes to school in these sort of jackets, looking smart and polished, which makes him even more likeable. I wish guys would wear more tailored jackets. I mean I have never seen guys dressed like this at Uni. Why? It sure beats wearing those football gear tops which hurt my eyes every single time. A little class never hurt anyone, except guys my age, I guess. (Sorry, boys!)

Image 4 –  Last image includes a simple blouse. She wears blouses throughout the film and I just love the look. It’s paired with different jumpers and she looks innocent yet quite preppy at the same time. The little red detailing is simply gorgeous.

I’m sure there are tons of other great examples, though I’ll stick with these 4 as they’re my favourite. I hope you enjoyed this post even though it’s a bit different. Tell me what you think in the comments section so I’ll know.

Happy Sunday!

Claire x

Everyone’s Frozen today…even Disney!

Every time I’m abroad and there’s a Disney store, I swear I have to go in everyday, just a quick round look at all the stuff and back out. I was away a few weeks ago and there was this quaint little Disney store, right in my face so needless to say, I went in everyday. (Luckily, my boyfriend loves Disney just as much as I do)

There I saw stuff from their new movie ‘Frozen’ and the main character, a Disney princess in the future for sure, is so sweet looking that I knew I’d like the movie. It’s released today in the US and all I’ve seen is the trailer and heard the official soundtrack by Demi Lovato but I’m already loving it. It’s basically about a village which is turned from a summer paradise to a frozen land by the main character’s sister. Then the girl attempts to save her village by stopping it from freezing completely. Something on those lines, at least!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge Disney fan, so every time a really good Disney movie comes out, I’m super excited. I also love how the girls are now all feisty as opposed to the whole prince saving the day thing, though I do miss a damsel in distress story every now and again. I hope they don’t take it to the extreme and make the girls all awesome now and the boys all wimpy.

What do you think of Disney? Are you eager for the new movie to come out?