A Bookworm’s Dilemma!

I’ve always been a bookworm. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading, I always carried books with me wherever I went. I was the sort of kid that could spend hours, in Summer, curled up on the sofa reading. And although I’ve always been an avid reader, at 22, I’m still conflicted when it comes to watching movies based on books. I must admit, I always claim I won’t watch movies based on books because they leave out so much details I get so annoyed and end up in a bad mood which isn’t what I want when watchin a movie.

As The Fault in Our Stars is everywhere right now, and having read the book last year, I’m still unsure whether I’ll watch the movie or not. From the trailer I can already sort of tell that they got it slightly wrong. The trailer made the story seem very similar to A Walk to Remember, which is not what I got out of reading the book.

But there have been cases where I’ve loved the movies as much as the book, even if in isolated cases. First that come to mind are the Hunger Games movies and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The books were still better in general but I think these movies came quite close to the actual plot in the books.

Then there’s the movies I absolutely hate and refuse to watch because they are almost nothing like the books. The Harry Potter movies are one such example. All the Nicholas Sparks ones too. I was also disappointed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo even though I read the book after watching the movie. I won’t comment on Twilight  because I believe they should have never made them into movies and just let them be the almost-good novels that they are. The classics like Pride and Prejudice for instance have had endless movie adaptations made, though I seem to not mind those as much.

There’s Gone Girl coming out soon, also based on a favourite book of mine. It stars Ben Affleck so I’m sure there’s going to be loads of hype around that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s your take on books vs movies? Do you get annoyed as I do? 

Claire x


I sat down… | Catch-Up Session

It’s been a crazy few days, to say the least! I had my last exam on Thursday and it’s been full on Summer mode since then. I actually went to the beach twice already and plan on going tomorrow again. I can’t ever get enough of swimming in Malta. Everyone else in the world…feel free to feel envious. We get to have beaches all around us, most of them are so beautiful that they even look like natural pools.

I’m also super tired. It’s like all the stress and hard work which was always present since October is finally coming out. People always say third year is the worse, be it if it’s the final year or the one before the last. I can confirm this. I love studying and working on school stuff but this year, oh boy, at times I felt ready to give up. But now it’s over…and I can finally not think of assignments or exams for a while (this ‘while’ will probably be a week since I start work on my dissertation this Summer…but anyway).

I was all hopes and dreams for my blog this time last year and I can officially say that I’m happy with my accomplishments this year. As Summer approached last year, I was eager to take my blog to the next level. I did. I attended events, reached views which I never thought I would or could…I’m happy. I’m proud. I’m grateful and humbled. I’m also excited. And scared. I might need to slow down my posts for a while to go out into the world and be an adult with adult responsibilities. I’ll try as hard as possible to keep This and That alive. It’s my baby and it’s opened so many doors that I can’t possible shut it down. I can’t.

So that’s it for now. I have plenty of ideas for posts and all that so keep an eye out. Enjoy your Summer and don’t be scared to chase your dreams. I’m going to go all inspirational on you and share a favourite quote of mine:

Change. We don’t like it. We fear it, but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. It hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying, but here’s the truth sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same. And sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is everything.

Claire x

World Cup 2014 | Not about the football…

So yesterday I was watching the France and Honduras game and because I enjoy watching games so much…I spent all second half commenting on the jersey of the team…”look at that collar”…”oh I love the fit” to the point that I drove my brother and my boyfriend crazy.

Then it hit me…I’d rather look at the fashion then the game. I mean, these guys are fit, wealthy and good looking…I’d rather analyse what they wore than how they score! The Italian team got their suits made by Dolce and Gabbana, the English by Marks and Spencers. Then there’s the French jersey which I absolutely love. The USA jersey isn’t too bad either.


France 2014 Home kit 1 USA 2014 World Cup Away Kit (1)


I might be slightly biased as I love anything Italian but I think the D&G suits are to die for. The colour’s perfect and it’s a 3 piece suit with an amazing tie, so that’s even better. The English suits aren’t too bad, I can’t say I don’t like them, but there’s something missing. I love that they went for the affordable look so that the fans can get similar ones but I sort of don’t at the same time. A designer suit can never be compared with a high-street one, so Italy wins here (and elsewhere, but anyway).

Moving on to the French jersey. Would you look at that? That colour is amazing. I want to wear one all day everyday. It makes the players ooze style even as they run around after that blessed ball. The USA jersey is also a favourite. I love how American it looks…it reminds me of the Captain America costume of course and I can’t wait to see the players wearing this tonight.

I’m sure as more teams play I’ll discover new looks I love. That makes me excited for the games so I can pretend to be all interested in their technique while ogling at the different styles.

What’s your favourite look? 

Claire x

Super quick!

Super quick post today just because I’ve been missing This and That too much!

  • World Cup Fever is on and I love it. All the getting together and eating and drinking and eating…love it!
  • I have less than a week to go before I finish exams. Yes. Less. Than. A. Week.
  • I am addicted to Orange is the New Black. I loved the Pretty Little Liars premiere…and hated the Suits one. (Harvey in slow motion though)
  • I want and need fugly sandals. I haven’t had time to find fugly sandals that I like but I’ll make time this week for sure.
  • I haven’t been to the beach yet. I love the beaches in Malta and I seriously can’t wait to just spend a day sipping Cisk and having beach hair and tan lines…
  • Oh and Sia’s Chandelier is my new favourite song…love love love it! =)

A special shout out to my Dad today on Father’s Day..I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for his constant support and encouragement. Have a happy Sunday everyone.

Claire x

Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 – Bridal Show

Another night, another show. This time, we headed off to the Mediterranean Conference Centre and even though I’ve been there countless times, I’m always amazed at what a beautiful hall La Vallette Hall is. Tonight’s bridal show is always one of the popular ones, I guess everyone loves a beautiful wedding gown. I loved that we had time to mingle before the show started, it’s always fun catching up with other bloggers.

The show was split into three parts with three different collections: first one by Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories, second by Pronovias and the third by Loredana Roccasalva. All three collections were quite different from each other, starting off with traditional pieces, moving on to  the second collection which featured designs by Ellie Saab with the final collection being unique with a heavy influence from Sicily, the hometown of the designer.

Photography by Dennis Calleja

Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories

This was the first show and I think it was the perfect opening. I could see many Maltese brides wearing these dresses, not that it had anything in particular which was Maltese, as it was mainly silk and lace which stood out, yet I felt that both the cuts and colours were suited for us Mediterranean ladies. The lacework on these piece was divine…especially with the backless dresses.

Dennis Calleja  (3) Dennis Calleja  (10) Dennis Calleja  (12) Dennis Calleja  (17) Dennis Calleja  (15)

Ellie Saab at Pronovias

This was by far my favourite collection of the night. It helped that it was by Ellie Saab of course but I just loved every single piece. It was slightly more minimalist than the previous collection which I love as I tend to prefer this style more. The cuts of most of the dresses were divine. And they played Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” on a loop which complemented the show perfectly.


Dennis Calleja  (38) Dennis Calleja  (29) Dennis Calleja  (31) Dennis Calleja  (34) Dennis Calleja  (30) Dennis Calleja  (32) Dennis Calleja  (42)

Loredana Roccasalva

The last show was by the Milan-based designer Loredana Roccassalva who was born in Sicily. I’m stating where her hometown is because it was so evident that she had Sicilian influences that I cannot not mention this fact. This collection was very different from the other two, with much less silk and lace being used and more emphasis on textured pieces. I loved the colours in this collection, much more creamy and less silky. I also loved the trousers piece, modelled by one of my favourite models this year, Gaby Curmi. The inclusion of pieces which moved away from the traditional wedding gown was a refreshing end to such an amazing show.

Dennis Calleja  (44) Dennis Calleja  (58) Dennis Calleja  (46) Dennis Calleja  (56)


Don’t you just want to wear them all? I know I do!

Claire x

Rambling Monday!

Hey there! I decided I should give myself a little break from studying and blog a little. This usually works in my favour as I get all excited when I blog and it helps getting me back to concentrating on school stuff.

I had a relative dull weekend this weekend due to a back sprain which took off on Friday. Ughh I never knew back pain could be this painful. I basically stayed at home with my family on Friday and spent Saturday night in with my boyfriend watching a movie which I’ll talk about in a second. We needed a night in since I’m busy most of the time and it’s rare that we get to spend a night in these days.

We watched The Call which stars Halle Berry and it’s such a good movie. It’s a thriller about this 911 responder who helps a girl who has been kidnapped…over the phone. It was one of those films where you can’t look away even for a second. I loved it even though I was a bit scared at times. It’s not scary though, I’m just a silly person who’s terrified of everything.

I should be posting more this week, a mini-collaboration, information about an upcoming event I will be attending, all that fun stuff.

Other than that, my boyfriend and I got hooked on the game 2048 which I suggest you download NOW because it’s awesome. I’ve been loving the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance (how cool is that name?) which has reggae and folk influences. I’ll link it below and have a listen. Remember when I used to link a song after every post? If you do, you’re awesome, because it means you’ve been around for a while.

Have an awesome week,




As I’ve said countless of times before, I’m a series junkie. I won’t go into how much I love curling up in bed and watching a good TV show, you know that. I did a post a year ago or so about my top shows and it hit me recently that I need to update the list and add even more shows. You also know that I like mixing it up a little and so instead of one long list, I’m going for a couple of mini-lists. I won’t go into details about the shows, just general stuff I like or dislike.

The Number Ones

Breaking Bad


I loved the two so much. They’re very different but both are great work. Breaking Bad is just such an intelligent show. The creator really did bring about a work of art. Friends is Friends. It’s timeless and always funny.

The Now-Finished

Gossip Girl

How I Met Your Mother

Desperate Housewives

One Tree Hill

Unfortunately I had to endure these amazing shows coming to an end. Desperate Housewives is my favourite out of the four. Gossip Girl was also the first show I watched from Pilot to end, so it has a special place in my heart too. HIMYM is just awesome. One Tree Hill was the first show I binged watched.

The Oldies

Gilmore Girls

Sex and The City


Un Paso Adelante

These bring back so many memories just because I was so young when I watched them. I was a Gilmore Girls addict and I remember the joy of finding whole episodes on YouTube and experiencing the whole YouTube phenomena when it all started. Un Paso Adelante is a Spanish show I used to watch in Italian (I’m sure it’s what got me my O’Level, really) which I used to watch after school with my mum and then go to school and discuss it with all the other girls. It was a Fame type of show only modern. Think Glee with less Gay-drama and more Spanish passion!

The Disappointing Ones

Pretty Little Liars


The Vampire Diaries

I won’t comment on these. I still watch all 3 but they had so much more potential and it’s sometimes a struggle to watch. Sad but true.

The Ones with Awesome Plots Throughout

Grey’s Anatomy



These are the good ones. The ones I love because of how good they always are. I admire writers who manage to go on and on and still write incredible stories.


Rambling Monday | Post Number One

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Rambling MondayThat’s to be read in a deep and exciting voice, OK?

Joking aside, this is in fact the first ever week where I will try to stick to a schedule, as I explained last week in this post. I have a few things on my mind, obviously since I sat down to study. It’s so interesting that mind gets all this inspiration and motivation to write the moment my studying becomes dull and boring.


I’m excited, can you tell? I love this brand so much, although I must admit that I was sort of disappointed when I went to the London store in February. I seem to find more stuff online then I do at the stores, which is weird since it’s practically the same thing. But anyway, that means no longer waiting for “Free Shipping” days or having to look for stuff on Asos, I can now walk to the store, conveniently located at the same shopping mall where I work. YAY

Ramble 2 – Just because I didn’t post a photo…

…it doesn’t mean a thing. I sort of cut back on putting everything on Facebook and Instagram in 2014. I mean I still post outfits and the occasional weekend snaps, but I have stopped posting a photo of every single thing I do on Facebook. I’m becoming more private I guess, or growing up, or both. The funny thing is though, people seem to expect me to put a photo up. Has this ever happened to any of you? You’re talking to someone about a place you ate at or a party you attended and they go all “Oh, you were there? I didn’t see anything on Facebook…” Seriously? Are we becoming that dependant on Facebook…or are we all becoming too nosy for our own good? Ma nafx!

Ramble 3 – My newfound love for..

SUITS! Yes, I have started a new series. With How I Met Your Mother ending (weep!), having gone through both seasons of House of Cards and having most of my shows going on Summer break, I decided to start watching the show. It’s about 2 lawyers and their quest to look extremely gorgeous at every second of the episode. Okay, it’s not really about that, it’s a sort of law drama similar to how White Collar is an FBI show, with its lead guys being a genius associate to a senior partner in a law firm. I’m nearly done with the first season (it’s 13 episodes…don’t judge!) and I can’t wait to watch the rest.

So what do you think of my rambling Monday? Do you absolutely love River Island? Are you annoyed with people stalking your every move? Have you watched suits? Leave a comment if you want to tell me your opinion on any of my rambles!

Happy Monday!