A Bookworm’s Dilemma!

I’ve always been a bookworm. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading, I always carried books with me wherever I went. I was the sort of kid that could spend hours, in Summer, curled up on the sofa reading. And although I’ve always been an avid reader, at 22, I’m still conflicted when it comes to watching movies based on books. I must admit, I always claim I won’t watch movies based on books because they leave out so much details I get so annoyed and end up in a bad mood which isn’t what I want when watchin a movie.

As The Fault in Our Stars is everywhere right now, and having read the book last year, I’m still unsure whether I’ll watch the movie or not. From the trailer I can already sort of tell that they got it slightly wrong. The trailer made the story seem very similar to A Walk to Remember, which is not what I got out of reading the book.

But there have been cases where I’ve loved the movies as much as the book, even if in isolated cases. First that come to mind are the Hunger Games movies and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The books were still better in general but I think these movies came quite close to the actual plot in the books.

Then there’s the movies I absolutely hate and refuse to watch because they are almost nothing like the books. The Harry Potter movies are one such example. All the Nicholas Sparks ones too. I was also disappointed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo even though I read the book after watching the movie. I won’t comment on Twilight  because I believe they should have never made them into movies and just let them be the almost-good novels that they are. The classics like Pride and Prejudice for instance have had endless movie adaptations made, though I seem to not mind those as much.

There’s Gone Girl coming out soon, also based on a favourite book of mine. It stars Ben Affleck so I’m sure there’s going to be loads of hype around that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s your take on books vs movies? Do you get annoyed as I do? 

Claire x


What happened Bruno?

So you know Bruno Mars, right? The guy who rose to fame by making every girl believe that there is hope and guys who say you’re…and I quote…”amazing, just the way you are”. Remember him? Guys used the video to earn bonus points and girls were finally happy that a song without the word ass or anything similar had been released. The world loved Bruno. He kept it up with his next song When I Was Your Man. His sweet, sweet voice made us sad that he gave up on his girl and again we all loved him. Now he’s got a new album and somehow, Bruno Mars turned into a magician. Why you ask? Well let me explain…

…whilst still singing in the same sweet and manly yet sensitive voice, singing ballads with instruments which make us believe we’re listening to the sweet old melodies of our dear Bruno, the lyrics of the songs have changed drastically. Now I’m not really one to be all bitter because of the content of the song and that’s not really what I’m saying. My point is that Bruno Mars (or the people who produce his music) managed to keep the sound completely the same, you pick up it’s Bruno instantly, but they have put in stuff that you’d associate with artists like Drake, Robin Thicke, you know all the ones who release songs you won’t want your little children singing along to.

If you haven’t realised this already, have a listen to the two songs I have linked and tell me if my conclusions are right or wrong. I for one fell for the trap and only recently realised this change in dear old sweet Mr.Mars.



Why society, why? | Grammy Awards 2014

So yesterday, the Grammy Awards took place.  And what is everyone drooling over? Beyonce girating on a chair, wearing lingerie and seductively “dancing” with her husband on stage.  On the other hand, nobody’s talking about P!nk, who sang a whole song doing aerial gymnastics and singing beautifully.  I seriously have no idea what’s wrong with people in this century.  Oh and before you think I’m hating on Beyonce, I’m not, I loved her Michael Costello dressed, I just hated the performance.


56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room