Shocker! – Most Embarrassing Moment

Today I travelled by bus. No, that’s not the shocker. With all the crazy traffic around, it’s sometimes easier this way. I only had a short journey, a couple of stops and I was at my destination.

I got on the bus, sat down, sunglasses on, headphones on and there I was, remembering why I used to sort of like bus rides. I had a few minutes to myself. I love watching people and bus rides present the perfect opportunity to do so. All the seats were filled, even the priority seating.

At one point, an elderly man tried to get onboard. He used a walking stick and couldn’t get up. So the driver got up, so did two other passengers and helped him. No, that’s still not the shocker.

On we went. At the next stop, a heavily pregnant woman got onboard. Yet, this time unlike with the old man, nobody moved. Not a single person. She wore a head scarf and seemed slightly darker skinned…can you see where I’m heading? I was too far behind to move, or so I tried to convince myself. We kept going. Nobody moved. The people standing, including the heavily pregnant lady, rocked about as one does when standing on a bus. All of a sudden, a girl got up, looked around at everyone and gave the lady her seat. She wasn’t sitting at the priority seating. Actually she was quite far behind, almost by my side.

The AC, as per usual on local buses, was off. Yet as I got down the bus, I felt a chill down my spine.

Never have I been more embarrassed in my life.

Before stepping off I had a look at the priority sign and saw 3 figures: a person in a wheelchair, a person with a cane and a pregnant woman. None of the figures were black. But none were white either. They were green, the colour of Arriva.


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