The ‘F’ word…

…no, silly, not that one. I’m talking of the other ‘F’ word. Some love it. Some think it doesn’t exist. Me? I’m convinced it does because life is far too complicated and so I choose to believe it exists.

I’m rambling on about faith if you haven’t realised yet. Faith – belief and trust based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. I used to be a very sceptical person. I used to believe that people have control over things they do and the consequences that follow.

Along the way I grew up and I realised there’s more to life than what we have control over. It’s frustrating really. At the time you’re doing something or going through a particular experience and it’s not going your way. You feel lost and incomplete. You know what you want but everything seems to be going the other way.

Then you look back a couple of years later and realise that hey, everything turned out OK. Some have faith in specific things, religion, karma,destiny…all that. People use the phrase “have faith” continuously. But really, I think it’s all a matter of having the right mindset.

I choose to believe that one wrong turn may lead to something greater than what I had initially planned. Saying that, it usually takes me ages to realise that things really did turn out to be OK. Believing in something, for me, makes me feel safe, even when I don’t have a plan for myself, something or someone does and it will somehow work.

Yours faithfully,


PS. Haha I know, silly ending, but I just had to! ;-P



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