The ‘F’ word…

…no, silly, not that one. I’m talking of the other ‘F’ word. Some love it. Some think it doesn’t exist. Me? I’m convinced it does because life is far too complicated and so I choose to believe it exists.

I’m rambling on about faith if you haven’t realised yet. Faith – belief and trust based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. I used to be a very sceptical person. I used to believe that people have control over things they do and the consequences that follow.

Along the way I grew up and I realised there’s more to life than what we have control over. It’s frustrating really. At the time you’re doing something or going through a particular experience and it’s not going your way. You feel lost and incomplete. You know what you want but everything seems to be going the other way.

Then you look back a couple of years later and realise that hey, everything turned out OK. Some have faith in specific things, religion, karma,destiny…all that. People use the phrase “have faith” continuously. But really, I think it’s all a matter of having the right mindset.

I choose to believe that one wrong turn may lead to something greater than what I had initially planned. Saying that, it usually takes me ages to realise that things really did turn out to be OK. Believing in something, for me, makes me feel safe, even when I don’t have a plan for myself, something or someone does and it will somehow work.

Yours faithfully,


PS. Haha I know, silly ending, but I just had to! ;-P



My ‘I want’ list…

…before you think this is a beauty or fashion related post, it’s not. I want so much of those things that the post would be never ending. I might include a couple of beauty or fashion related stuff on this list, but only a few, I promise.

Here goes…

I want:

  1. To hear a great song and completely fall in love with it. I hear songs like these all the time but I want this song to be the song I love after a year, two..heck I want to be loving it when I’m fifty. I’m constantly disappointed with the music industry. Everyone’s busy twerking or being different or trying to be hip and alternative. But everyone seems to try too hard. There are good songs, of course and great bands and singers. But at the end of the day, if I want to listen to good music…I have to go back in time a couple of decades. Sad.
  2. To roller blade. I visited Barcelona last week and everyone roller blades there. I have a good pair of blades I got from when we spent a Summer in Canada but unfortunately I haven’t used them in over 5 years. I can of course pick them up and use them but it’s super hard to find smooth pavements or parks in Malta. All parks are sort of paved with small brick-style tiles which make it impossible to skate and very, very possible to fall flat on your face. And I’m Claire, I do the latter on a weekly basis in flats, so I can’t risk it.
  3. To go for a long walk. Again, I can just up and do that. But it’s still really hot for walks on Sunday. But it’s September, so hopefully my heat-induced agony will be over soon. To be fair to our dear Earth, it wasn’t too bad this year.
  4. To eat Salted Caramel ice-cream. I’m weird, I know. But I’ve only had this flavour in the UK. My good friends took us to a pub who made home-made ice-cream once, 2 years ago, and I’ve been craving this ice-cream ever since. It was the most incredible desert I’ve ever had. If anyone knows of places in Malta where they serve this flavour…please comment and tell me their name. I’d be forever indebted to you.
  5. To own this pretty Dior jewel box with all 6 of my favourite ever perfumes. Yes, all of them. Mini-versions of the Dior range in a crisp white box you can keep. I saw this at the airport and I was staring at it so hard that the guy offered to open that sealed little box they have which they never open. It was so beautiful I nearly splurged and got it. It wasn’t too expensive for the brand and what it contains, but the box was huge and I was already lugging around a huge suitcase which I managed to pass off as ‘hand luggage’. I’ll look for it online but I’m pretty sure it was one of those mythical things that only make an appearance in airports and then you never, ever, find them anywhere else.

Do you have a similar list? Please say you do…I don’t want to be a weirdo all by myself!

Claire 🙂