This over that!

I just had a this or that moment. I was deciding on a post…either an MTV VMA one or a good old stream of consciousness post. Guess which one won?

Writing ‘stream of consciousness’ I just realised that even though the new scholastic year hasn’t yet started and I was so ready to be done with my English course…I’m missing it already. I love languages. I’m fascinated by how words are made up and all that. I’m also good at languages, that’s a plus. But I think even if I wasn’t, I’d still find it in me to appreciate the beauty of languages.

I also finally got myself a travel journal. It’s where you write all about trips and journeys and all that. I can’t wait to use it…to write on a piece of paper again rather than tap away at stuff all the time. I didn’t have one when I went to Venice last year and I was disappointed because I found myself getting so inspired that a journal would have been ideal.

Anyway enough about me. Let’s talk about what’s going on all around. We’ve got the #icebucketchallenge thing. I love it…I just hope people really are donating. But even if they’re not…we know a little about ALS now. Hopefully.

We have Brad and Angelina coming over to Malta and Gozo soon, if they’re not here already. I’m honestly having an Angelina phase…loving everything she does. And of course a Brad phase is always ongoing. So I’m hyped about this. Who knows…maybe they’ll be roaming the island and bump into little me somehow. Joking aside…how awesome is the fact that out of all the teeney tiny islands all over the world…they pick Gozo. They came here and loved it. These people who can go wherever they want…they picked here. I love that. We complain of all the little things…but we must be doing something right somehow. Let’s hope they’re photographed like crazy so we can boast about our little piece of heaven.

I went beach-hopping in Gozo a couple of weeks ago and I was mesmerised… every beach was more beautiful than the one before.

The next time you’re complaining about living here on the rock (I absolutely hate this degrading term) get your behind up from that swivel chair and go explore. You’ll be surprised at what’s beyond Sliema and Paceville.

It’s pretty amazing.

At the Azure Window in Gozo

At the Azure Window in Gozo


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