Celebrate good times…c’mon!

Last week my Facebook news feed was flooded with people celebrating. Everyone was happy, posting pictures and sharing status updates. No, no cure for Ebola was found. Libya is still a mess. The reason for all this celebrating? A new Burger King opened up.

Now on my beloved Malta, which let’s face it is probably the side of Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s back yard, we have the following:

10 McDonald’s
4 Burger Kings
3 or 4 Subways (not sure…their website sucks)
5 Pizza Hut
2 KfC
Plenty of copy cat local chains
A pastizzi place at every bus stop

Now I enjoy a good old Big Mac like the next girl, but I think celebrating the fact that another fast food store opened up is too much. We shouldn’t be happy about this. Because let’s face it, this food is tempting, so having all this around us isn’t a good thing.

Plus, now I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure that if they’re surrounded by all this they’re likely to grow up thinking it’s the food they should be eating.

I said in my last post that my mum always made me say please and thank you to everyone. Well I’m lucky because my parents made sure I ate healthy food from an early age. McDonald’s was a Xmas and first day of Summer holidays treat. And if I didn’t like peas (still not much of a fan of the little things), well there was no ‘if’ because some way or another (mushed, blended, whatever) my mum would insist I ate them. And when I hated tomatoes, my dad would cut super thin slices untill I got used to them and now I eat tomatoes like apples.

I was lucky yes, my parents cared. But even if parents don’t do the extra effort, shouldn’t healthy options be available more? I hate for instance that any dish with vegetables in it at a restaurant is branded with a huge ‘V’, like some scarlet letter. I don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a pizza with just veggies. “No, I am not on a diet” shouldn’t have to follow my choice of a pizza with veg. A pizza is never diet food. I just enjoy eating veg….for no specific reason.

See what I’m getting at? Those are actual stuff I have to tell people.

But yeah, Burger King have opened up a new store, let’s celebrate!


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