Don’t forget your please and thank you!

Hey there! How’s everyone doing? Like I had said at the beginning of Summer I’ve been super busy being what I like to call a ‘grown-up’. It’s actually not too bad really. I’m getting used to everything slowly. I’m also, like I’ve said before enjoying Cisk and ice-cream as much as I can.

A few days ago a dear friend pointed out that I don’t post as often as I used to and when I told her that I don’t because I don’t have time to plan out fancy posts, she said something that shocked me. She pointed it out that I used to write all of these posts which were not planned, and she used to love them. That’s not what shocked me. What did was the fact that I used to love those posts. Heck, that’s what I used to love most about blogging…writing just because. I didn’t always have a reason to post.

I would for instance talk about my projects. This Summer I’m working on what I have called the ‘Thank You Project’. It’s not a project really, more like something I’ve taken up. I read somewhere that people are saying ‘thank you’ less and less. So I decided I would say thanks more often, to people I would usually not say it to. And it’s been such an amusing thing, so far. I said thank you to a worker at McDonald’s who had nothing to do with me, she did not take my order, she did not clear my table, she was just there on my way out. The look on her face when I said thanks was priceless. She was surprised then she smiled then she probably thought I was a weirdo.

Same thing happened at the Beer Festival last weekend. I ordered a pint (yes, of Cisk, of course) and this girl handed me my beer and said “Enjoy it!” so I replied “Oh thank you and you have a good rest of the evening” and again, she looked at me as though I had said that I’m Barack Obama’s daughter. She looked confused and just stared at me.

Now this is happening almost every time I do this which is only proving to me that we don’t say thank you enough. I used to work in retail and catering so I can understand why these people are surprised…because people have stopped saying thank you.

I remember as a little girl my mum used to always warm me before going to a party or someone’s house “And don’t forget your please and thank you”…I think we actually need to start printing that on T-shirts so people don’t forget.

Have a good week!
Claire x

PS Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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