Is-Soltu Storja!

For those who don’t know any Maltese, the title is an expression similar to ‘Same old, same old!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but recently I think it’s escalated and I had to write about it.

Let’s begin.

So if you go back a few years and check out my earliest posts (not sure if they’re on here as I used to use an older platform 4 years ago) you’ll probably find me posting about how limited Malta is, style-wise. I used to love going to London or Italy just because people there oozed style. I used to buy the craziest things from Oxford Street then come home and not be able to wear it.

Gladly, that’s changed. I can’t deny that we’re way more open minded (not enough, but anyway) and lots more stuff are accepted now.

But, and here’s where the expression comes in, Malta and the Maltese took it to the extreme, again. Is-soltu storja, insomma!

I’ve recently realised that there’s now a situation where from no sense of style, the Maltese have now become style obsessed to the point that everyone is once again looking the same, overly involved in fitting in. People want to be stylish now so we (I’ll use ‘we’ in the hopes of not sounding too harsh) open up all the blogs and online magazines we can see and dress accordingly. So the crop top is a ‘must-have’, right? So everyone’s wearing a crop top all day every day with anything and everything.

I love trends and I do follow trends, I must admit. But as a whole, we need to chill on the whole style thing. We can’t go back to how we were before, obviously, but I hope we don’t keep going in the same direction we’re heading or else we’ll end up looking like those people in futuristic movies. You know, the ones that look like robots where everyone’s wearing the same jumpsuit? Yeah, that’s where we’re headed!


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