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Hey everyone! How’s Summer? I was just tagged by the lovely Maya from Blue Jeans and Red Lipstick(go check her out, she does incredible nail work posts and other beauty related posts) to answer a couple of questions about myself. I’ve never done these kinds of posts so let’s see how I get along…enjoy!

Claire x

  1. How long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging on This and That for over 3 years now.
  2. Is there one international blogger whose style you admire most, or aspire to be like? I love Anna’s blog from Viviana Does Makeup and she seems like such a sweetheart so that’s always a plus.
  3. What are your top three summer essentials? I burn really easily so sun block is the first. Flowy dresses are my second and a nice, nude lipstick my third.
  4. Naked face or naked nails? Maybe both? Haha I usually love having neither but I have to say naked nails. I do go out with no makeup if I’m super tan but only occasionally where as I don’t always have time to do my nails.
  5. What are you reading at the moment? Or the last book you read! :) I’m reading Orange is the New Black. I got hooked on the show and this is what it’s all based on so I wanted to check it out. It’s an easy read so that’s always fun in Summer.
  6. What’s your most recent beauty or fashion related purchase? Fashion related it’s basically office wear for work and I haven’t bought anything beauty related recently.
  7. How do you feel about fashion or beauty trends? A definite must, or more like guidelines that you might incorporate into your own style if you like them? Definite guidelines. I can’t stand it when people who wear thing because they are on trend. I do get inspired by what’s on trend and all that but I love adding my own little touches here and there to make my outfit unique.
  8. One thing you’re planning to do this summer? Learn how to dive head first. Yes, I can’t do that! haha
  9. Are you strict with yourself when it comes to scheduling your blogging, or do you prefer to blog as inspiration hits you? I blog as inspiration hits. Whenever I try scheduling a post I end up hating it and feel disappointed. So it may take me a few weeks to blog but at least I know that I absolutely love the post!
  10. One tip or trick you’ve learnt that helps you with your blogging? Don’t try to hard. The more you try to blog in a certain way or write about certain things the less successful the post will be and the less happy you will be with it.
  11. If you had an unlimited budget, where would you love to travel to? The States, Canada and Italy. I’ve been to all 3 places, several times in the case of Italy and Canada, but I would just go there for 3 months and just explore and explore.

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