World Cup 2014 | Not about the football…

So yesterday I was watching the France and Honduras game and because I enjoy watching games so much…I spent all second half commenting on the jersey of the team…”look at that collar”…”oh I love the fit” to the point that I drove my brother and my boyfriend crazy.

Then it hit me…I’d rather look at the fashion then the game. I mean, these guys are fit, wealthy and good looking…I’d rather analyse what they wore than how they score! The Italian team got their suits made by Dolce and Gabbana, the English by Marks and Spencers. Then there’s the French jersey which I absolutely love. The USA jersey isn’t too bad either.


France 2014 Home kit 1 USA 2014 World Cup Away Kit (1)


I might be slightly biased as I love anything Italian but I think the D&G suits are to die for. The colour’s perfect and it’s a 3 piece suit with an amazing tie, so that’s even better. The English suits aren’t too bad, I can’t say I don’t like them, but there’s something missing. I love that they went for the affordable look so that the fans can get similar ones but I sort of don’t at the same time. A designer suit can never be compared with a high-street one, so Italy wins here (and elsewhere, but anyway).

Moving on to the French jersey. Would you look at that? That colour is amazing. I want to wear one all day everyday. It makes the players ooze style even as they run around after that blessed ball. The USA jersey is also a favourite. I love how American it looks…it reminds me of the Captain America costume of course and I can’t wait to see the players wearing this tonight.

I’m sure as more teams play I’ll discover new looks I love. That makes me excited for the games so I can pretend to be all interested in their technique while ogling at the different styles.

What’s your favourite look? 

Claire x


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