Look around…

Last week my camera was lying around while I was studying and because I was so into what I was doing, I felt like snapping away. After taking endless cute shots of my dear Mischa (that’s my cat) I decided I could turn this little waste of time into a post for my blog. So I looked around, picked up 4 items which were close by and which I’m absolutely loving, put them on a sheet of paper so they look all stylish (yes, there’s text on the under side which you can see, sorry) and snapped away.

So here goes…4 things I’m loving at the moment…


New Glasses – I got these made a few weeks ago. Apart from loving the fact that I found the perfect cat-eye pair, I love the shade and they have helped so much. I wear them only for TV and when I’m on my laptop but they’re super helpful at the moment since I’m studying for long hours and I switch from my laptop to tiny text on printouts, etc.

iPhone Case – I also just got this recently. I love buying new cases for my phone. It’s a basic, cheap ebay case, nothing fancy. I love the colours though. They remind me of the opening sequence from Gossip Girl, remember that? It’s also dark so hopefully it won’t get too dirty too quickly.

Eva Garden Lipstick – I got this in one of the goodie bags at the Malta Fashion Week. It’s a brownish-nude and I am loving it! It’s super moisturising and it’s perfect for Summer. I love nude lips in Summer especially with a little tan. It’s all about the natural look for me in Summer so this is perfect, I’m wearing it all the time.

Coloured Pens – OK, boring I know. But I love these and I can’t imagine studying without colour pens. I’m a bit of an organisation freak and I’m always using different pens to signify different things. And who doesn’t love a little orange and blue, right?

So that’s what’s around me. Boring, huh? At least I enjoyed placing the stuff around and playing with my camera for a bit.

Good luck if you’re studying…hang in there…it will all be over before you know it!

Claire x


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