Hey Shortie!

Here’s a quick post on some of the perks of being short. I’m 4ft10 so believe me I’m constantly teased about my height. But that’s OK, there are some pretty awesome things that only us shorties can experience…

1. We can wear any type of heels we want.

I love heels. And part of the reason that I love heels so much is that irrelevant of how high I go, chances are I’m never taller than my boyfriend and I can never look like a giant just because I’m wearing a slightly higher pair.

2. We fit in any bed.

YES! Even tiny ones at hotels where you pay so little money that you’re practically given a shoe closet as a room. Us shorties are still comfy in these beds and we get to stretch our tiny legs out no matter where we are.

3. Scaffoldings in the middle of the road are not an issue. Neither are low doorways.

No need for awkward bending or banging our heads against metal bars. We just casually walk through like nothing’s in our way and whilst everyone is ducking around trying to come out of the whole thing alive, we’re just patiently waiting on the other side, smug look and all.

4. We get to be in front in all the pictures.

So you wore a pretty outfit and let’s admit it, we all like showing off a pretty dress. Being short means you get to be part of the ever so funny joke “Shorties in front please”. Well…that’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I’m standing there, no need to worry that I’m covering the people behind me…and…nobody is covering me! HA…joke’s on who now?

5. Leg room in cars, planes, trains, etc is never an issue.

No cramps, no need to stand up every half an hour, nothing. If our legs get tired…we just stretch them out in front of us…because we can. (In my case…chances are my legs do get cramps anyway because I can’t really reach the floor…but that’s for another post on another day!)

So what do you think fellow shorties? Am I right? It’s not all bad isn’t it?

Claire x



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