Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 – Bridal Show

Another night, another show. This time, we headed off to the Mediterranean Conference Centre and even though I’ve been there countless times, I’m always amazed at what a beautiful hall La Vallette Hall is. Tonight’s bridal show is always one of the popular ones, I guess everyone loves a beautiful wedding gown. I loved that we had time to mingle before the show started, it’s always fun catching up with other bloggers.

The show was split into three parts with three different collections: first one by Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories, second by Pronovias and the third by Loredana Roccasalva. All three collections were quite different from each other, starting off with traditional pieces, moving on to  the second collection which featured designs by Ellie Saab with the final collection being unique with a heavy influence from Sicily, the hometown of the designer.

Photography by Dennis Calleja

Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories

This was the first show and I think it was the perfect opening. I could see many Maltese brides wearing these dresses, not that it had anything in particular which was Maltese, as it was mainly silk and lace which stood out, yet I felt that both the cuts and colours were suited for us Mediterranean ladies. The lacework on these piece was divine…especially with the backless dresses.

Dennis Calleja  (3) Dennis Calleja  (10) Dennis Calleja  (12) Dennis Calleja  (17) Dennis Calleja  (15)

Ellie Saab at Pronovias

This was by far my favourite collection of the night. It helped that it was by Ellie Saab of course but I just loved every single piece. It was slightly more minimalist than the previous collection which I love as I tend to prefer this style more. The cuts of most of the dresses were divine. And they played Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” on a loop which complemented the show perfectly.


Dennis Calleja  (38) Dennis Calleja  (29) Dennis Calleja  (31) Dennis Calleja  (34) Dennis Calleja  (30) Dennis Calleja  (32) Dennis Calleja  (42)

Loredana Roccasalva

The last show was by the Milan-based designer Loredana Roccassalva who was born in Sicily. I’m stating where her hometown is because it was so evident that she had Sicilian influences that I cannot not mention this fact. This collection was very different from the other two, with much less silk and lace being used and more emphasis on textured pieces. I loved the colours in this collection, much more creamy and less silky. I also loved the trousers piece, modelled by one of my favourite models this year, Gaby Curmi. The inclusion of pieces which moved away from the traditional wedding gown was a refreshing end to such an amazing show.

Dennis Calleja  (44) Dennis Calleja  (58) Dennis Calleja  (46) Dennis Calleja  (56)


Don’t you just want to wear them all? I know I do!

Claire x


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