Here’s what’s going down…| Malta Fashion Week 2014

As you might have seen if you’ve come across my personal Facebook page and my Instagram, I will this year be part of the Malta Fashion Week as part of the media team, where I’ll be blogging away what goes down at the events.

Now I must admit, this might seem a bit out of my comfort zone and it is. I am not a fashion blogger nor do I want to be. I’m a blogger. I named my blog This and That because I never want to limit myself and define what I want to write. As you know by now, I write because I get inspired and about things that inspire me.

Anyway, so yes, I decided that this could be an important step and a great opportunity and so I’m going to be part of MFWA2014 . I love fashion and I love experiencing new things whilst being able to express myself through what I wear so this should be loads of fun and hopefully I’ll gain loads.

Things kick off on Thursday with a launch party just for media, models, designers and stylists and then from then on the shows will start. Expect posts after every show. I remember last year I knew a couple of bloggers who were there and it was such a pleasure reading the blogs after the show, hopefully this year, you’ll enjoy reading mine.

Other than that, I have a terrible cold and a never ending list of things to do, as per usual.

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all,

Claire x

My media pass!

My media pass!


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