What I wore… | Bridal Show 2014

I attended the bridal show yesterday at the Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 and after wearing pastels on Monday for the Charles and Ron show, I decided I wanted something bolder this time round. I opted for a blue and black striped skater skirt, a black tank top, red blazer and to top it off my blue turban. I was terrified about wearing it I must say. I love being slightly unique in what I wear but I tend to hold back from being too bold. But if you’re not bold at Fashion Week…when can you be, right?

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Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 – Bridal Show

Another night, another show. This time, we headed off to the Mediterranean Conference Centre and even though I’ve been there countless times, I’m always amazed at what a beautiful hall La Vallette Hall is. Tonight’s bridal show is always one of the popular ones, I guess everyone loves a beautiful wedding gown. I loved that we had time to mingle before the show started, it’s always fun catching up with other bloggers.

The show was split into three parts with three different collections: first one by Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories, second by Pronovias and the third by Loredana Roccasalva. All three collections were quite different from each other, starting off with traditional pieces, moving on to  the second collection which featured designs by Ellie Saab with the final collection being unique with a heavy influence from Sicily, the hometown of the designer.

Photography by Dennis Calleja

Wedding Bells Bridal Wear and Accessories

This was the first show and I think it was the perfect opening. I could see many Maltese brides wearing these dresses, not that it had anything in particular which was Maltese, as it was mainly silk and lace which stood out, yet I felt that both the cuts and colours were suited for us Mediterranean ladies. The lacework on these piece was divine…especially with the backless dresses.

Dennis Calleja  (3) Dennis Calleja  (10) Dennis Calleja  (12) Dennis Calleja  (17) Dennis Calleja  (15)

Ellie Saab at Pronovias

This was by far my favourite collection of the night. It helped that it was by Ellie Saab of course but I just loved every single piece. It was slightly more minimalist than the previous collection which I love as I tend to prefer this style more. The cuts of most of the dresses were divine. And they played Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” on a loop which complemented the show perfectly.


Dennis Calleja  (38) Dennis Calleja  (29) Dennis Calleja  (31) Dennis Calleja  (34) Dennis Calleja  (30) Dennis Calleja  (32) Dennis Calleja  (42)

Loredana Roccasalva

The last show was by the Milan-based designer Loredana Roccassalva who was born in Sicily. I’m stating where her hometown is because it was so evident that she had Sicilian influences that I cannot not mention this fact. This collection was very different from the other two, with much less silk and lace being used and more emphasis on textured pieces. I loved the colours in this collection, much more creamy and less silky. I also loved the trousers piece, modelled by one of my favourite models this year, Gaby Curmi. The inclusion of pieces which moved away from the traditional wedding gown was a refreshing end to such an amazing show.

Dennis Calleja  (44) Dennis Calleja  (58) Dennis Calleja  (46) Dennis Calleja  (56)


Don’t you just want to wear them all? I know I do!

Claire x

Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 – Charles and Ron

The moment I decided to attend fashion week I was instantly looking forward to attend to annual show by the amazing duo Charles and Ron. I’m always in awe of their pieces, always so elegant yet original and on trend. This year was no different. The show took place at the newly refurbished St.Elmo square in Valletta and this was perfect for this particular show. I love Valletta, I think anything in Valletta becomes instantly magical and oozing culture.

So when Clare Aguis opened the show and explained how the collection for SS15 was inspired by the city itself and it will serve as a way for women to not only wear the collection with pride but in Clare’s words wear “Valletta with pride”, I was ready to jump off my seat with excitement.

The always elegant and charming Clare Aguis opening the show

The always elegant and charming Clare Aguis opening the show

A projection of the Triton Fountain, the new parliament and the logo of the duo were projected against the blue lights which lit up St.Elmo Square beautifully. And we were off. The first set of pieces all had a variety of the Triton Fountain which was beautifully incorporated with lovely pastels and amazing cuts and accents.

The collection also included designs inspired by the design of the new parliament and once again this was incorporated with pastels and creamy shades. Charles and Ron are known for their lovely gowns and the ones in this collection did not disappoint…from lovely shades of peach to textured black pieces and back to inspiration from the fountain and the parliament. All the gowns were beautiful and unique yet elegant at the same time.

Needless to say, I wanted it all.


Photography by Dennis Calleja

Dennis Calleja  (9) Dennis Calleja  (43) Dennis Calleja  (50) Dennis Calleja  (51) Dennis Calleja  (61) Dennis Calleja  (22) Dennis Calleja  (27) Dennis Calleja  (32) Dennis Calleja  (40)




MFWA 2014 – Launch Party @ MedAsia!

Yesterday I attended the Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2014 launch party which was exclusive for media people, designers, models and photographers. In other words, an excuse to have a drink with the people we’ll be meeting often in the coming week. I must say it was the perfect start to such an anticipated event. It was a great party, everyone mingling and laughing and having a drink or two.

I was a bit anxious as to what Fashion Week might be like but after yesterday I can say I’m super hyped and can’t wait to meet everyone again.



Lyn, Chri, Myself

With Chri!

Me and Lyndsey

Me and Lyndsey

With the lovely Martina and Marija!

With the lovely Martina and Marija!

Junk in the Trunk!

No, I’m not referring to lovely backsides. I am referring to the actual junk that one has in their car. Let me explain. I’ve been driving for over 3 years now and since I’m always going from one place to another, changing what I wear numerous times in the process, I tend to fill my stuff with all sorts of things…clothes, bags, files, tech stuff…and shoes. I had to take my car in for some repairs and it came to my attention that I have a lot of shoes in my car. Well by a lot I mean around 10-12 pairs. They’re usually not the pretty ones but ordinary pumps and the occasional pair of boots.

Now a friend of mine, after giving her the warning that I might have a couple of pairs of shoes lying about, highlighted the fact that different people have different junk in their car and that I should write a post trying to understand what this says about a person. So here it is, my thoughts on what the junk we have in our cars could say about us…



I know all about this, of course. I’m not really a shoe person, not that I don’t love a pretty pair of shoes like the next girl, but I’m not the type to go al gaga over a pair of shoes. Therefore me having loads of pairs of shoes shows two things, I don’t really care that much about shoes to bother with making sure they’re kept in all the right boxes and all that and that I have crazy schedules which require me to carry plenty of stuff all around.


You know people like these for sure. You sit down in their car and all you see are old bottles of beer or vodka or wine. These people are probably laid back people who couldn’t be bothered with drinking at a pub or at a restaurant. These people probably also have the best stories to tell because, let’s be honest, drinking in a car always leads to the craziest of times, right?

Sports Equipment

This is an easy one. If you enter a car full of footballs and football shoes and bicycle helmets you know that this person loves sport. These people are usually the ones with a gym bag always in the backseat ready to run to the gym or to a football pitch at any chance they get.


And then there are these people who have absolutely nothing in their car. No small change, no empty shopping bags, nothing. I know people like this and I feel very stressed when I walk into their car, especially if I’m lugging around 3 different carry-ons and have no idea whether I should hold everything next to me (more like on top of me) or put it in the back seat (which is pristine of course). I usually just stand there, trying to hide behind my bags.

So, any junk in your trunk?

Claire x

Riding in the backseat!

It’s just I have so many this and thats at the moment that This and That has been shifted to the backseat. Yes, as I’m heading at a hundred miles an hour into God knows what leading to God knows where, my little baby is in the backseat, seatbelt fastened and ready to come join me in the front seat when I decide to slow down.

So don’t forget about this. There’s 3 years worth of old posts if you want to catch up. Believe me, it’s very entertaining reading my stuff from 3 years ago. You’d be surprised (or at least I was) at how much I seem to have grown (should I use matured and avoid any short jokes? I think so!)

Claire (with This and That close behind)