Rambling Monday!

Hey there! I decided I should give myself a little break from studying and blog a little. This usually works in my favour as I get all excited when I blog and it helps getting me back to concentrating on school stuff.

I had a relative dull weekend this weekend due to a back sprain which took off on Friday. Ughh I never knew back pain could be this painful. I basically stayed at home with my family on Friday and spent Saturday night in with my boyfriend watching a movie which I’ll talk about in a second. We needed a night in since I’m busy most of the time and it’s rare that we get to spend a night in these days.

We watched The Call which stars Halle Berry and it’s such a good movie. It’s a thriller about this 911 responder who helps a girl who has been kidnapped…over the phone. It was one of those films where you can’t look away even for a second. I loved it even though I was a bit scared at times. It’s not scary though, I’m just a silly person who’s terrified of everything.

I should be posting more this week, a mini-collaboration, information about an upcoming event I will be attending, all that fun stuff.

Other than that, my boyfriend and I got hooked on the game 2048 which I suggest you download NOW because it’s awesome. I’ve been loving the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance (how cool is that name?) which has reggae and folk influences. I’ll link it below and have a listen. Remember when I used to link a song after every post? If you do, you’re awesome, because it means you’ve been around for a while.

Have an awesome week,




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