As I’ve said countless of times before, I’m a series junkie. I won’t go into how much I love curling up in bed and watching a good TV show, you know that. I did a post a year ago or so about my top shows and it hit me recently that I need to update the list and add even more shows. You also know that I like mixing it up a little and so instead of one long list, I’m going for a couple of mini-lists. I won’t go into details about the shows, just general stuff I like or dislike.

The Number Ones

Breaking Bad


I loved the two so much. They’re very different but both are great work. Breaking Bad is just such an intelligent show. The creator really did bring about a work of art. Friends is Friends. It’s timeless and always funny.

The Now-Finished

Gossip Girl

How I Met Your Mother

Desperate Housewives

One Tree Hill

Unfortunately I had to endure these amazing shows coming to an end. Desperate Housewives is my favourite out of the four. Gossip Girl was also the first show I watched from Pilot to end, so it has a special place in my heart too. HIMYM is just awesome. One Tree Hill was the first show I binged watched.

The Oldies

Gilmore Girls

Sex and The City


Un Paso Adelante

These bring back so many memories just because I was so young when I watched them. I was a Gilmore Girls addict and I remember the joy of finding whole episodes on YouTube and experiencing the whole YouTube phenomena when it all started. Un Paso Adelante is a Spanish show I used to watch in Italian (I’m sure it’s what got me my O’Level, really) which I used to watch after school with my mum and then go to school and discuss it with all the other girls. It was a Fame type of show only modern. Think Glee with less Gay-drama and more Spanish passion!

The Disappointing Ones

Pretty Little Liars


The Vampire Diaries

I won’t comment on these. I still watch all 3 but they had so much more potential and it’s sometimes a struggle to watch. Sad but true.

The Ones with Awesome Plots Throughout

Grey’s Anatomy



These are the good ones. The ones I love because of how good they always are. I admire writers who manage to go on and on and still write incredible stories.



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