Rambling Monday | Post Number Two

Hey there! It’s Monday again and that means it’s Rambling Monday time! I had a fun filled weekend but now it’s back to the book since it’s almost 2 months until this scholastic year is over…yes…if you’re a student, start freaking out in 5…4…3…oh who am I kidding…PANIC!

But before we panic, let’s all stop for a moment and enjoy my first ramble…




You’re welcome! That happened yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards. I love how MTV judge movies and all that given their choice of content for their shows, but anyway. The awards give out awards to the usual Best Film, Best Actor, etc but then they also give really weird ones like Best Kiss or  Best Shirtless Performance. This is what Mr.Efron above won and as a treat to all of us, he took off his shirt as his acceptance speech. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Zac Efron, a crush which goes back to the High School Musical days. Yes, I was an HSM teen and I’m not ashamed to say so. He’s surely grown out from his sweetheart stage and I must say, I approve.

My next ramble is basically a mini-summary of what I did this weekend…I went camping. If you remember I posted a post a few months ago where I spoke about a camping trip we had and how much I enjoyed it. Well, the time came for a second trip and I loved it even more. I needed 48 hours in the sun, SWIMMING, eating and drinking and just laughing with my friends. I really, really needed that. Yes, the sea was cold but oh so beautiful. The more time I experience these little things the more blessed I feel to be living on such a beautiful island.



I decided to wear my favourite fedora just because it was windy and I didn’t feel like having to keep pulling my hair off my face. I was too busy relaxing, you see, that would have been too much work.

And the final ramble is more of a review, I found a YouTube channel last week and I’ve been loving it so much. It’s called TheSoundYouNeed and it’s full of remixed lounge beats. I say remixed because you get jazz influence mixed with tech stuff or hip-hop stuff and it’s just awesome. I’m really into jazz at the moment so this is perfect. It’s the sort of music that makes me think of chill Summer days, so if you like that sort of music, click the name ( I linked the channel) and have a listen.

Have a great week,

Claire x



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