Rambling Monday | Post Number One

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Rambling MondayThat’s to be read in a deep and exciting voice, OK?

Joking aside, this is in fact the first ever week where I will try to stick to a schedule, as I explained last week in this post. I have a few things on my mind, obviously since I sat down to study. It’s so interesting that mind gets all this inspiration and motivation to write the moment my studying becomes dull and boring.


I’m excited, can you tell? I love this brand so much, although I must admit that I was sort of disappointed when I went to the London store in February. I seem to find more stuff online then I do at the stores, which is weird since it’s practically the same thing. But anyway, that means no longer waiting for “Free Shipping” days or having to look for stuff on Asos, I can now walk to the store, conveniently located at the same shopping mall where I work. YAY

Ramble 2 – Just because I didn’t post a photo…

…it doesn’t mean a thing. I sort of cut back on putting everything on Facebook and Instagram in 2014. I mean I still post outfits and the occasional weekend snaps, but I have stopped posting a photo of every single thing I do on Facebook. I’m becoming more private I guess, or growing up, or both. The funny thing is though, people seem to expect me to put a photo up. Has this ever happened to any of you? You’re talking to someone about a place you ate at or a party you attended and they go all “Oh, you were there? I didn’t see anything on Facebook…” Seriously? Are we becoming that dependant on Facebook…or are we all becoming too nosy for our own good? Ma nafx!

Ramble 3 – My newfound love for..

SUITS! Yes, I have started a new series. With How I Met Your Mother ending (weep!), having gone through both seasons of House of Cards and having most of my shows going on Summer break, I decided to start watching the show. It’s about 2 lawyers and their quest to look extremely gorgeous at every second of the episode. Okay, it’s not really about that, it’s a sort of law drama similar to how White Collar is an FBI show, with its lead guys being a genius associate to a senior partner in a law firm. I’m nearly done with the first season (it’s 13 episodes…don’t judge!) and I can’t wait to watch the rest.

So what do you think of my rambling Monday? Do you absolutely love River Island? Are you annoyed with people stalking your every move? Have you watched suits? Leave a comment if you want to tell me your opinion on any of my rambles!

Happy Monday!




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