What’s In My Bag?

I love reading these type of posts. It’s basically a look into someone’s bag. Simple. Here’s what’s in mine…


I used that bag today because I was running around Uni, carrying my laptop and notes and everything and felt like wearing a backpack, so out comes my trusty aztec print bag. As you can see I love purple! I didn’t realise how many stuff in that colour I carry around with me. So let’s start.

In the first picture are all the things that I carry around with me all the time. I have two cosmetic bags, one with stuff like wet-wipes and deodorant and all that which I’m sure you don’t care to see and the other with lipsticks and stuff which I’ll talk about in a second.

I have a slight diary addiction, yes. As you can see I have a huge diary where I write anything and everything and then I have a mini ideas notepad. Then there’s my purse, which is actually my Mum’s. See she’s one of those purse and bags lover which means I get to have plenty of hand me downs! Go Mummy! There’s my Kindle which is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever bought. My inhalers are there. I got asthma just recently and although it’s not too bad, I do have to carry those with me everywhere I go just in case.  There’s my trusty Body Shop White Musk Body Spray and finally a bottle of water. I’m one of those people who have to carry water with me everywhere I go.

Third picture is of the mini black pouch and its contents. It’s basically always with me. I have a few hairpins, another diary, lipsticks, Vaseline, a mirror and some change. I find it very useful to not have my lipsticks and hairpins running around in my bags just because I use a different bag almost everyday and it saves me having to rummage through my bags looking for that one lipstick.

And that’s it! I carry my phone and iPad and pencil case with me but that’s mostly when I’m at school and my phone is never in my bag anyway so I didn’t include them.

Happy Friday!



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