I don’t know what to call this post it’s so boring…but read on…please? | Updates

Hey there! So March’s over. I feel as though it was a mish-mash of weekdays where I worked too hard on Uni stuff and weekends where I ate too much and did anything but study. It was a good balance in that I managed to study and have some fun. It was generally quite a stressful month in that I had a lot of things going on but it’s over now and I’m moving on.  I made it and here we are, April. I managed to pull one off my friends today yet I haven’t had a joke played on me, yet.

Since it’s April and exams are just two months away I’ve decided to add unnecessary pressure on myself and try to come up with a regular timetable for This and That. Yes, as much as I love being random and all that, I feel as though I need more structure as the blog (and I) grow. I’m still unsure as to the exact details of what I’ll be writing when but I’m thinking of having a Rambling Monday where I just go on and on about what ever’s in my head, classic This and That, if you want to call it that. Wednesday will probably either be a fashion related post or a general review post of anything I’m liking and Friday I still have no clue. This might not work out. I might not like it or you might not like it. Who knows right? But I think it’s an important step I must take. Don’t worry though, This and That will still retain that randomness I started out with, it’s just after 3 years, I think I need more structure.

Boring post today eh? I know and I’m sorry but an update is important and I had to do this.



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