Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish 050 | Review

I’ve been meaning to write a review for this product for a while now, so finally here goes.

I’ll start off with some pictures so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

DSCF5374 DSCF5378 DSCF5375 DSCF5376 DSCF5373 DSCF5377

I’ll start off with a little disclaimer. I got this for free in a goodie bag. Had I been shopping I would have probably strayed away. Reason being, I hate lip glosses with a passion. I hate the texture, I hate the glossy look…I hate it all. So when I saw this in my goodie bag I thought this would be another gloss I’ll never wear. But then I read the description: Discover the triple advantage: The colour of a lipstick, the longevity of a stain and the shiny finish of a lip gloss. Hmm…interesting.

So I tried it on. There I went applying the polish using the slightly flexible doe shaped applicator. Fact number one: It really is a polish. I can’t explain what this is but the texture does feel like I imagine a polish feels like. Fact two: It’s shiny but not glossy. That’s a huge thing for me. I find glossy to be too heavy and sticky for my taste. Shiny on the other hand, I can work with. Fact three: It dries up after a few minutes and you feel like you’re wearing nothing.

So after a few minutes of wearing it, I liked it. I then wanted to see what would happen after a few hours. The tube claims to give 8 hours of wear. And so I went about my day, I ate, drank, went out in the wind and came back home 8 hours later, looked in the mirror and my lips were still smooth and full of colour. I’ll admit, the shine wore off, which didn’t bother me, but the stain…lasted more than 8 hours! Can you believe that? It was actually a struggle taking it off. Now you might think that’s a tad annoying, but for someone who’s lazy like me and hates re-applying…it’s perfect.

So bottom line : I love this product. It was made with me in mind, I’m sure. I haven’t looked at the other colours so I can’t say what they’re like, but if you have, please share.

Happy Monday,

Claire x


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