Review | Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream

Ok, how many times have you come across any form of body cream or lotion which claims to leave your skin feeling “silky” and “smooth”? I know I have countless of times and although I usually believe this and buy the product with high hopes, my excitement fizzles out after a couple of times using such products. That is,until I got this Dove body cream as a part of a gift basket for my birthday. I was sort of immediately drawn to it because the tub is huge. I love it when body creams or lotions come in huge tubs. Then I used it and I was pleasantly surprised because, guess what? That ‘silky’ feeling, well I’ve finally found the product that actually delivers just that. It’s quite light in consistency and after it’s worked in, the magic kicks in. It makes my skin so smooth, it’s as though I’ve put baby powder on and at the same time it feels very water based and light. The smell isn’t too strong which is something I look for. It’s just a clean, fresh smell.

As I’ve said I got this as part of a gift basket so I haven’t really checked the price. Being a Dove product I’m sure it’s easy to find and if you do come across it, go ahead and stock up, your skin will thank you.

IMG_2098 IMG_2099



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