This thing called “growing up”!

I think it’s a mixture of celebrating so many birthdays in February (mine, my boyfriend’s, my nanna’s, etc) and having to make a couple of pretty important decisions lately that it got me thinking about what is known as growing up. Now before you all scream “You’re still 22!!!” at me, let me just say this is not a complaining post but rather a reflection post.

I started realising I’m growing up when little things you never really bothered thinking about sort of fall into place. For instance, you choose who to hang out with not because you like their hair or their clothes but because they actually make you feel good, you realise that as much fun as spending days on the beach in February is, it’s only possible because of the horrible climate change we are going through because of global warming. You realise that something that was completely normal a few years ago, is actually quite weird and how could you not realise before what’s going on? I’m talking in general, not all these things are happening to me, but you get the point. I actually realised that I am in fact growing up when I said something like “Ten years ago…”. I can actually look back ten years and remember that time clearly, not because my parents told me about it or I saw home videos but because I can now fully remember what ‘ten years ago’ felt like.

But with this whole silly growing up thing, I’ve come to realise something else; I can be an adult and still have fun when I want! Wasn’t that the dream when we were kids, having all the fun but also being like the grown ups? It was my dream at least and that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to be a mature adult with responsibilities but let me assure, a bag full of sweets will still make my day, just as ice-cream (duh!) will. Oh and come Summer…look out for this grown up rolling on the sand building forts and castles!


June 1995 - 2 and a half year old me on Nanna's roof!

June 1995 – Three and a half year old me on Nanna’s roof!


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