How often do you feel the urge to scream? Like when that driver keeps on driving at a stop sign almost crashing into you? Or when you spend hours looking for something only to realise that it was there in front of you all along.  And what about people? How many people make you want to scream because they’re too stupid, conceited, mean, happy? Living in the crazy world we do, how can you not want to scream?

But what if, every time we feel this urge we could just take a deep breath and think of something positive? If only instead of screaming, we pause and smile, just because some things are just not worth screaming about and you’d be better off smiling than screaming.

I’m no saint. I actually seem to find myself in a number of situations which make me want to not only scream, but bang my head, or someone else’s for that matter, to a wall.  But as 2014 rolled in, I promised myself I’d try and be more positive and I must say,so far so good.  I feel calmer and quite happier by trying to find the positive elements in situations. I used to hate people like me but you know what, I was wrong. This is way better.



One thought on “Scream.

  1. I totally agree with you .. I want to scream sometimes but you know what .. I’d rather watch a good movie than think of the people who are not worth the hassle ..

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