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Here are a couple of things which are on trend at the moment and which I can’t wait to get my hands on. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 18.04.58This t-shirt is all over the place right now, Asos, tumblr,pintrest…everywhere.  I love the play on the CELINE logo, it gives the whole selfie trend a lovely twist. I love the crisp white against the black words too! 

img-thingThe sweetheart cut is also all over the place.  It’s the heart shaped strapless cut which I found to be the style chosen by many people on this month’s magazine covers.  I love the look though I must warn you that if you’re not busty, this cut may be a tad uncomfortable. But when has uncomfortable ever stopped us? 

tuesday-shoesday-paris-fashion-week-spring-2014-pointy-ladylike-highheelsThe point is back! Yes, from pointed flats to heels, this Summer, it’s points everywhere. I sort of like this trend. I say sort of because it depends on what type of shoes I’m wearing, for instance I’m not a fan of pointed boots though heels like the one above I’d wear in an instant. I love that colour blocking has also made it’s way to footwear and that it seems as though we will see more colour blocking as Spring and Summer approach.  

So these are a few of the trends I’m loving at the moment. Did I miss any of your favourites? Comment below and tell me what you’re loving.



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