Join in. Now.

If you’ve been following my blog you probably know that I am a full time University student.  I’m in my 3rd year and tonight I’ve decided to give you a little tip.  Scratch that, a huge tip.  During my first year and most of my second year I was a total loner.  I spoke to everyone, had one or two friends I sat with during lectures and that’s it.  I purposely chose stuff which involved the least amount of group work.  Then as 2nd year neared its end, I had a sort of epiphany.  I realised that I wasn’t having a University experience.  I was just attending lectures.  My reasoning was that I already had a boyfriend and groups of friends, so I don’t need that extra socialising.  But I was silly.  I realised I would have nothing whatsoever to talk about when I talk of my University years.  So as 2nd year came to an end I made myself a promise that during my third and fourth years, I would change.

I have.  And guess what? It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  Not only do I interact with so many more people but I feel more at ease and confident meeting new people. I’ve also come to realise that there are people in my course who have the same likes as I do and that we can support each other so much at this crucial stage in our lives.

So if you’re reading this and you’re shy or scared or couldn’t care less, stop and think a little. 10 years from now…will you have stories to tell?

I’m currently involved in the publication of a magazine with fellow students which you can find out more about here. I’ve come a long way…and I’m loving every second of it.



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