Oh Boy!

I’ve been coming across posts all over Facebook where girls are stereotyped and their actions put under lists like What Girls Do! and being surrounded by guys most of the time I’ve realised that hey, why not comment on stuff boys do.  If you hang out with guys you’ve definitely picked out on these traits.  Here goes…

1. Their fascination with anything related to cars!

I love this one.  They group up, look at the car all bright eyed, comment on the spoiler or rim (that’s as far as my car terminology goes)  and act as though God has just sent an angel on Earth.  They stare and speak excitedly.  It’s hilarious.  especially if you add an illostra man! to all of the above. Then there’s football too..but I’ll skip that one!

2. The look they give each other when a gorgeous girl passes by and we (the significant others) are there!

This is a classic. They go all wide eyed and try to not act as though they noticed, little do they know that we realise that the girl it’s gorgeous and there’s no point in hiding it.  One of them is bound to add an u le man, mhux daqsekk helwa (no dude, she’s not that gorgeous). That’s the one who will probably get told off by the girl for looking and makes the other guys feel happy that they’re allowed  to look.

3. Ask them how you apply your lipstick or mascara. Seriously.

I’ve tried this a couple of times with my boyfriend or friends and it’s seriously hilarious.  They usually have no clue.  They either try to make the open face we make when we apply mascara or else pout their lips out in an attempt to explain how they see us when we apply lipstick.

4. They fail to understand why we need 5 black handbags (or any item of clothing for that matter).

The concept of having an everyday bag, a smart-casual bag, a clutch bag and a travel bag all in black is alien to them.  How many times do we hear the question But don’t you have a black bag already? It’s probably the reason why they hate shopping with us, they probably just see us as purchasing the same stuff over and over again.

5. And then there’s PlayStation!

Last but not least…the fascination with any form of game. I recently overheard a conversation between my boyfriend and his friends and I seriously thought they had just witnessed a fight, with all the bragging of punching people and shooting stuff…but then zombies came in and I realised they were speaking about a game.  Funny thing is…they spoke of all this including the zombies as though they were talking about something of extreme seriousness! HA!

What do you think? Was I spot on? Did I miss any? I know I generalised a lot. But some of these are quite close to stuff me and my friends have often picked up on…so there must be some truth to it, right?

Sorry boys!

Claire 😉


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