Catrice PR Event February 2014

Yesterday I attended my first ever bloggers event. It was a PR event by Catrice Cosmetics for the launch of their new products.  I was super excited from the moment I got the lovely, purple enveloped invite a couple of weeks ago.  The event was held at the Hilton’s Level 22, a lounge/club at the, you guessed it, 22nd level of the Portomaso Tower.  I’d never been and I was amazed at how beautiful the St.Julians area looked from up there.

As we walked in we were welcomed with champagne and canapés, which I love just because I’m a little bit of a pig and I love food. As soon as I arrived I noticed that all the tables were full of the new products which were being launched. We (Maya, Lyndsey, Jessica and Charlene…check their blogs which I’ve linked) sat around one of the tables and all of a sudden you could tell you were in a room full of bloggers.  Everyone started snapping away and testing out the products, which I immediately realised, have pretty awesome packaging, a plus.

I found myself looking at the new lip stains and nail polishes mostly though a couple of pallets also caught my eyes. More canapés were served as we were treated to a presentation by a foreign brand representative. Being my first time at such an event I tried to make the most of it and mingle with new people like lovely Dyna from Dyna’s Random Blog and Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible.

Before heading out we snapped some photos and we were given a huge goody bag. I couldn’t wait to get home walk out the door to check what I got.  Apart from a huge make-up bag full of the various new products, most of which I was eyeing all night, I got a press release package (professional much?) and pen and notebook. Needless to say, all of these are stuff I love receiving. 

So that’s it! My first event is over. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for what’s coming next. I’m constantly super grateful to be having such opportunities. Hope you enjoy some of the photos I snapped  (sorry for the quality but lighting was a bit too dark) and look out for reviews of the products in the coming weeks!


Can't wait to get my hands on these!

Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

IMG_2172 IMG_2173

Charlene, Maya and Lyndsey snapping away!

Charlene, Maya and Lyndsey snapping away!

IMG_2168 IMG_2166

One of my favourite! Special edition gold nail polish...isn't it very Great Gatsby-ish?

One of my favourite! Special edition gold nail polish…isn’t it very Great Gatsby-ish?

YUMMY nail polishes!

YUMMY nail polishes!

With my dear friend, Uni colleague and fellow lover of all things pretty, Lyndsey!

With my dear friend, Uni colleague and fellow lover of all things pretty, Lyndsey!


To-die-for nail polishes!

To-die-for nail polishes!

Some of the products on our table!

Some of the products on our table!


Review | Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream

Ok, how many times have you come across any form of body cream or lotion which claims to leave your skin feeling “silky” and “smooth”? I know I have countless of times and although I usually believe this and buy the product with high hopes, my excitement fizzles out after a couple of times using such products. That is,until I got this Dove body cream as a part of a gift basket for my birthday. I was sort of immediately drawn to it because the tub is huge. I love it when body creams or lotions come in huge tubs. Then I used it and I was pleasantly surprised because, guess what? That ‘silky’ feeling, well I’ve finally found the product that actually delivers just that. It’s quite light in consistency and after it’s worked in, the magic kicks in. It makes my skin so smooth, it’s as though I’ve put baby powder on and at the same time it feels very water based and light. The smell isn’t too strong which is something I look for. It’s just a clean, fresh smell.

As I’ve said I got this as part of a gift basket so I haven’t really checked the price. Being a Dove product I’m sure it’s easy to find and if you do come across it, go ahead and stock up, your skin will thank you.

IMG_2098 IMG_2099


This thing called “growing up”!

I think it’s a mixture of celebrating so many birthdays in February (mine, my boyfriend’s, my nanna’s, etc) and having to make a couple of pretty important decisions lately that it got me thinking about what is known as growing up. Now before you all scream “You’re still 22!!!” at me, let me just say this is not a complaining post but rather a reflection post.

I started realising I’m growing up when little things you never really bothered thinking about sort of fall into place. For instance, you choose who to hang out with not because you like their hair or their clothes but because they actually make you feel good, you realise that as much fun as spending days on the beach in February is, it’s only possible because of the horrible climate change we are going through because of global warming. You realise that something that was completely normal a few years ago, is actually quite weird and how could you not realise before what’s going on? I’m talking in general, not all these things are happening to me, but you get the point. I actually realised that I am in fact growing up when I said something like “Ten years ago…”. I can actually look back ten years and remember that time clearly, not because my parents told me about it or I saw home videos but because I can now fully remember what ‘ten years ago’ felt like.

But with this whole silly growing up thing, I’ve come to realise something else; I can be an adult and still have fun when I want! Wasn’t that the dream when we were kids, having all the fun but also being like the grown ups? It was my dream at least and that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to be a mature adult with responsibilities but let me assure, a bag full of sweets will still make my day, just as ice-cream (duh!) will. Oh and come Summer…look out for this grown up rolling on the sand building forts and castles!


June 1995 - 2 and a half year old me on Nanna's roof!

June 1995 – Three and a half year old me on Nanna’s roof!

Imagine Dragons – Demons

I’ve recently been listening to Imagine Dragons on repeat and this is one of my favourite of theirs.  When I was in London a couple of weeks ago it was playing all the time, everywhere, so it also brings back sweet memories of my trip!

Have a happy Sunday!


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How often do you feel the urge to scream? Like when that driver keeps on driving at a stop sign almost crashing into you? Or when you spend hours looking for something only to realise that it was there in front of you all along.  And what about people? How many people make you want to scream because they’re too stupid, conceited, mean, happy? Living in the crazy world we do, how can you not want to scream?

But what if, every time we feel this urge we could just take a deep breath and think of something positive? If only instead of screaming, we pause and smile, just because some things are just not worth screaming about and you’d be better off smiling than screaming.

I’m no saint. I actually seem to find myself in a number of situations which make me want to not only scream, but bang my head, or someone else’s for that matter, to a wall.  But as 2014 rolled in, I promised myself I’d try and be more positive and I must say,so far so good.  I feel calmer and quite happier by trying to find the positive elements in situations. I used to hate people like me but you know what, I was wrong. This is way better.


On Trend | Fashion Post

Here are a couple of things which are on trend at the moment and which I can’t wait to get my hands on. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 18.04.58This t-shirt is all over the place right now, Asos, tumblr,pintrest…everywhere.  I love the play on the CELINE logo, it gives the whole selfie trend a lovely twist. I love the crisp white against the black words too! 

img-thingThe sweetheart cut is also all over the place.  It’s the heart shaped strapless cut which I found to be the style chosen by many people on this month’s magazine covers.  I love the look though I must warn you that if you’re not busty, this cut may be a tad uncomfortable. But when has uncomfortable ever stopped us? 

tuesday-shoesday-paris-fashion-week-spring-2014-pointy-ladylike-highheelsThe point is back! Yes, from pointed flats to heels, this Summer, it’s points everywhere. I sort of like this trend. I say sort of because it depends on what type of shoes I’m wearing, for instance I’m not a fan of pointed boots though heels like the one above I’d wear in an instant. I love that colour blocking has also made it’s way to footwear and that it seems as though we will see more colour blocking as Spring and Summer approach.  

So these are a few of the trends I’m loving at the moment. Did I miss any of your favourites? Comment below and tell me what you’re loving.


Sunny Sunday Random Words Post!

Title sort of makes no sense right? It’s a jumble of words because this post will be just that, my thoughts in a mash-up of words.  Sort of like how we use #hashtags.  Happy Sunday!

  • The Killers. – Loving their new song “Just Another Girl”. The first time I heard it I immediately thought of Mr.Brightside. Then I saw the video and it’s just so reminiscent of it that it made me love the song more.
  • Coffee. – I was drinking it when I started this post, of course.
  • Sun.Sun.Sun. – It’s once again sooo sunny in Malta.  It looks like California and as much as I love Winter, these days are so beautiful I can’t help but love them.
  • Pluviophile. – (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. How awesome is that? It describes me perfectly. 
  • Spotify. – Remember when Ares was all the rage. This is BETTER! You just stream music without having to download it or wait for it to load or anything else. Bliss. Oh and it’s free of course and you’re not breaking any piracy rules by using it.
  • House of Cards. – New TV series I’m hooked on.  It’s a political drama about a corrupt Congressman and I love it! It’s also released in bursts, which means they release whole seasons AT ONCE!
  • Black or brown? – Should I dye my hair black? Yes, no?
  • Love. – St.Valentine’s over, finally. Before you think I’m some person who hates it because I’m all sour grapes,  I’m not.  My boyfriend gave me little treats just as much as everyone’s boyfriend  did and we actually celebrated it with a special meal . I just think it’s too over rated and highly commercial.


Join in. Now.

If you’ve been following my blog you probably know that I am a full time University student.  I’m in my 3rd year and tonight I’ve decided to give you a little tip.  Scratch that, a huge tip.  During my first year and most of my second year I was a total loner.  I spoke to everyone, had one or two friends I sat with during lectures and that’s it.  I purposely chose stuff which involved the least amount of group work.  Then as 2nd year neared its end, I had a sort of epiphany.  I realised that I wasn’t having a University experience.  I was just attending lectures.  My reasoning was that I already had a boyfriend and groups of friends, so I don’t need that extra socialising.  But I was silly.  I realised I would have nothing whatsoever to talk about when I talk of my University years.  So as 2nd year came to an end I made myself a promise that during my third and fourth years, I would change.

I have.  And guess what? It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  Not only do I interact with so many more people but I feel more at ease and confident meeting new people. I’ve also come to realise that there are people in my course who have the same likes as I do and that we can support each other so much at this crucial stage in our lives.

So if you’re reading this and you’re shy or scared or couldn’t care less, stop and think a little. 10 years from now…will you have stories to tell?

I’m currently involved in the publication of a magazine with fellow students which you can find out more about here. I’ve come a long way…and I’m loving every second of it.


Oh Boy!

I’ve been coming across posts all over Facebook where girls are stereotyped and their actions put under lists like What Girls Do! and being surrounded by guys most of the time I’ve realised that hey, why not comment on stuff boys do.  If you hang out with guys you’ve definitely picked out on these traits.  Here goes…

1. Their fascination with anything related to cars!

I love this one.  They group up, look at the car all bright eyed, comment on the spoiler or rim (that’s as far as my car terminology goes)  and act as though God has just sent an angel on Earth.  They stare and speak excitedly.  It’s hilarious.  especially if you add an illostra man! to all of the above. Then there’s football too..but I’ll skip that one!

2. The look they give each other when a gorgeous girl passes by and we (the significant others) are there!

This is a classic. They go all wide eyed and try to not act as though they noticed, little do they know that we realise that the girl it’s gorgeous and there’s no point in hiding it.  One of them is bound to add an u le man, mhux daqsekk helwa (no dude, she’s not that gorgeous). That’s the one who will probably get told off by the girl for looking and makes the other guys feel happy that they’re allowed  to look.

3. Ask them how you apply your lipstick or mascara. Seriously.

I’ve tried this a couple of times with my boyfriend or friends and it’s seriously hilarious.  They usually have no clue.  They either try to make the open face we make when we apply mascara or else pout their lips out in an attempt to explain how they see us when we apply lipstick.

4. They fail to understand why we need 5 black handbags (or any item of clothing for that matter).

The concept of having an everyday bag, a smart-casual bag, a clutch bag and a travel bag all in black is alien to them.  How many times do we hear the question But don’t you have a black bag already? It’s probably the reason why they hate shopping with us, they probably just see us as purchasing the same stuff over and over again.

5. And then there’s PlayStation!

Last but not least…the fascination with any form of game. I recently overheard a conversation between my boyfriend and his friends and I seriously thought they had just witnessed a fight, with all the bragging of punching people and shooting stuff…but then zombies came in and I realised they were speaking about a game.  Funny thing is…they spoke of all this including the zombies as though they were talking about something of extreme seriousness! HA!

What do you think? Was I spot on? Did I miss any? I know I generalised a lot. But some of these are quite close to stuff me and my friends have often picked up on…so there must be some truth to it, right?

Sorry boys!

Claire 😉