I will not…

I was going over old post recently and I realised that as much as I talk about my ideas and what I like and dislike, I rarely really speak about myself.  I was driving a few days ago and something happened, you’ll see what below, and I thought this could make a good post.  Basically I’m going to tell you 5 things I will most definitely not do, things I hate to have to do and will try everything to avoid.

  • I will not speed.

The inspiration for this post came to me when I was getting over taken by people whilst driving.  I wasn’t going too slow  though and the road I was passing through was not lit plus it’s full of pot holes.  Anyway, I can make all the excuses in the world but the point is I hate speed.  It’s dangerous and I can’t take it.  Even if I’m late I will not speed and I will not ride with someone who speeds.  Simple as that.

  • I will not sit in the middle.

This is actually a weird one.  I’m sort of a little fussy when it comes to being stuck somewhere I can’t move, some people call it claustrophobia, I like to call it “I can’t get out whenever I want”.  My class mates like it though because everyone hates sitting at the very edge of a row because lecturers can come super close and then there’s me, always at the edge.  Living on the edge is a thing now though, right?

  • I will not get into an elevator full of people.

Okay, this is full blow claustrophobia.  I hate this and I will not go in if it’s already full.  It freaks me out that we can stop half way through and there will be so many people and not enough air or something. Crazy, I know. But I won’t do it.  I remember someone once told me they actually volunteered to stand in an elevator full of people while a technician stopped the lift half way down to see what happens in an emergency.  I nearly cried listening to the tale.

  • I will not wear orange or green!

I hate those colours with such a passion.  I own nothing in those colours except for a very light mint skater-skirt.  I went lipstick shopping with a friend once and I drove her crazy, I would not pick any lipstick if it had a little hint of orange in it. The pink one had orange, the red had an orange tinge too and the brown…yeah orange in it too! We never went lipstick shopping again!  The same with green.  I once had mint ice-cream which was for some reason a really dark mint and I hated it so much that without realising I started pushing it off the plate, until a friend realised and asked what on earth I was doing.  This other friend thought I was crazy.

  • I will not go to the circus.

This is an old one.  I’ve always hated the circus.  They torture animals, the tent stinks and clowns scare me.  I remember when I was a little girl my school used to take us to trips every Christmas and I used to beg my mum not to make me go.  The smell is just too horrible, animal dunk and loads of stinky primary school kids. What a nightmare! Not to mention my fear of clowns.  I was a weird little girl, I know!

So that’s what I will not do, ever! There are plenty of other stuff I feel strongly against but these are probably the ones that I won’t do for sure!

Claire x




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