Embracing ‘The Selfie’

So if you have no clue what a ‘selfie’ is you’ve either been living under a rock, or you’re…well you’ve been living under a rock. A ‘selfie’, for my dear UAR (under a rock) readers, a selfie is a photo you take of yourself. Yes, those photos. The hipsters hate selfies, the older generation try to take selfies and the rest of us just live in a little in between space where we don’t hate selfies, but they’re sort of undiscovered land. Below I’ve come up with a couple of tips and guidelines to be able to embrace the selfie trend. Oh and there’s me, trying to follow my own advice as best as I can!

IMG_1704 IMG_1698 IMG_1647 IMG_0014

1. Do not pout.

The duck face trend is over, so smile, grin, whatever, just stir away from making a face where you look like you need the bathroom yet you have to take a photo.  A selfie is sweet when you just smile away, almost using it to say ‘hi’ to people online.

2. Use captions wisely.

If you’re going to caption your image or put hashtags on it, please think of what to say.  Be original but don’t be ridiculous.  A face full of make up with bright eyes and perfect hair and a #just #got #up will make people laugh and not in a good way.

3. Look at what’s behind you.

Before snapping away, have a look around.  Toilets, silly people, weird reflections cannot be in a selfie.  It’s them or you. Oh and if you’re using a mirror, don’t try and hide it.  At least have the decency to admit that you looked in the mirror, thought you looked awesome and felt like taking a photo. Honesty’s the key my friends.

4. Don’t drink and selfie.

If you don’t want your face plastered all over Facebook, your eyes rolling and your tongue out a la’ Miley, don’t take selfies when you’ve been drinking.  People will upload the photo even if they tell you they won’t and you’d be surprised at how less funny a selfie looks the next day.

5. Keep it decent.

We all know the story.  Don’t take selfies which are, let’s say, not decent.  It’s silly, stuff you have on your phone can nowadays be traced from basically anywhere, especially if you’ve got an iPhone backed up on iCloud.  If you want to be not decent, try to be more like Kate Winslet in Titanic, and pose for a drawing, there’s a less chance of it getting circulated all over the place.

With that my dear selfie-loving friends, I wish you a happy weekend.  Study hard and have a little break, it will do you wonders.

Claire x


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