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Before you think I’m talking about the love of my life, let me stop you there, I’m not.  My private life has nothing to do with this post! I’m talking about the numerous times you want something and bad, yet you can’t seem to find the right one for you.  I put a little “wish list” together to help me decide better and I decided to share.

Haven't yet found The One!

1. Parka – I’ve been on the lookout for a pretty, comfortable and stylish parka for quite some time now. Being as short as me (I know, I talk about my height a lot. Maybe I should rename the blog Shorty Chronicles) it’s quite difficult to find a parka which doesn’t go down too long yet still looks good. I’m also weary on the colour. I love the dirty green on people, yet I can never seem to get myself to wear it.

2.Lilac nail polish – This is a weird one. I’m loving pastel colours on my nails yet they seem to chip off more than the darker shades. I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s a general thing but I can only wear pastel nail polish for two days before it starts chipping off. Also I’m quite picky on the shade of lilac that I want and this makes the hunt even harder.

3. Red lipstick – I just recently lost my favourite red lipstick, nothing special a basic Rimmel one yet it was the perfect shade and felt great on my lips. I’m now hunting for a deep, red lipstick which is long lasting, pigmented and quite matte. I’m not usually the type of person to be affected by high end stuff, I just like what looks and feels good, yet I think I’m going to splurge a little and buy myself a Mac one or even a Nars one.

4. Slogan Beanie – The trend will probably be over by the time I find one I love! It’s usually a case of either loving the word but hating the texture or fit or loving the fit then the word is not my style. A shop in Venice had around 10 different ones, I tried every single one, yet walked out empty handed!

Claire x


3 thoughts on “Haven’t yet found The One… | Fashion&Make-Up

  1. For the deep red lipstick, try WJCON in Birkirkara 🙂 I have a deep deep red from their matte range, and it’s gorgeous and sooo long lasting 🙂 And I’m also on the search for a lilac polish, I’ve never found one that matches my skin tone somehow! 😦

    • YES! Do you feel like your hands look yellowish when the shade isn’t right? I’ve never been to the local WJCON. I went into one in Venice and loved it. I’ve been wanting to visit the one in Birkirkara for ages,I must visit for sure now! =)

      • Yes! 😦 I have about 3 different lilacs that i never wear haha 😦 You definitely should, they have such a wide range of products, and so cheap! Checked the number of the dark red matte I have from there, and it’s 620 from their sublime matt range, if you want to check it out 🙂 x

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