Addiction isn’t good, but…

Addiction is never good, you should never get too attached to stuff but…some little things which cause no harm are OK to get addicted to. At least that’s what I tell myself. (A little side note, don’t try to be like me at the moment, my mind is not in its right state) Below you’ll find a couple of stuff I’ve recently got hooked on.

1.Anything Frozen related

If you haven’t heard of Frozen yet, the Disney film, I no longer want you to continue reading.  I joke of course, but seriously, watch the movie.  It’s so amazing full of twists and witty comments and beautiful animation and best of all…awesome songs.  One in particular is ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ and I swear I think I’ve listened to it about a 100 times today.  My brother loves it too and since we’re both stuck at home studying and we need to amuse ourselves, we spent the whole day yelling each other’s names and when we answer back, the other says “Do you want to build a snowman?”.  Having a sibling is pretty awesome,sometimes.

2. Reviews

This is probably the silliest thing I’m crazy on at the moment.  I’m constantly looking for reviews on stuff, be it beauty, films, anything.  From blogs, to YouTube videos to articles…people talking about stuff is fun, especially when all you’re reading is theories and analysis of boring school stuff.

3. Candy Crush

Like the rest of the world, I’m hooked on this game.  I usually hate games, I’m probably one of the few persons who never has games on their phones or iPad…but man this game is addicting.  It’s more so because some of the levels are pretty tricky and it makes you want to win so bad that you keep on trying until you do.  For those who have no idea what Candy Crush is, it’s a game you can play on your phone or tablet or even computer where you need to match fruit together until they burst or you reach a certain number of points.  The game also has really funny sounds with a male voice saying “Delicious” and “Sweet” in such a funny way.  My guess is they tried to make it sexy but it sounds pretty ridiculous. And I love it!

That’s it folks.  Thanks for all the feedback lately, I love reading comments and opinions so keep it coming!



2 thoughts on “Addiction isn’t good, but…

  1. Love this post…. I was reading this post and two people sitting behind me were saying “u Walter…” and I was just going to jump into the middle of their conversation saying “you watch Breaking Bad??” when their conversation continued “li joqghod fejn Nena iz-Zurrieq”!!… That’s what I call addicition!

    • HAHA would have been so funny if you turned round and said “White??” and their reply was “le, ta’ hdejn Nena”. Oh Breaking Bad…remembered and never to be forgotten!

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