DIY – Mason Jar Pencil Holder

I’ve been seeing people use mason jars all over the internet for the past months. I love jars, I probably get this from my grandma who tends to hate throwing them away, saying “they might be useful…”. I was making a cup of coffee and the jar for the instant coffee was empty and having realised that my desk is a mess recently (thank you exams, another part of my life you’re ruining!) I decided to make a pencil holder out of the jar.

It’s pretty easy really, just a couple of steps and you’ve got a pretty holder.

1. Clean the jar

Step 1 is pretty easy, just wash the jar in warm water, peel off any stickers and make sure it’s properly cleaned on the inside.

2. Choosing the design

This will be the part where you have to be a bit creative.  I decided to go pretty straight and plain and decided to just tie a piece of string roung the top and tie it off in a bow.

3. Rough up the string

Unless you use a pretty rough type of string, you will need to do this yourself.  I found a grey, old shoe lace and I roughed it up by passing the scissors across it.  This gives it that old look and it goes well with the whole used jar theme and it gives your jar that extra charm. 

4. Tying up the string

This is the fun part.  Wind up the string roung the top part of the jar, finishing off by tying it into a huge bow.  It might take a couple of tries to get the bow to look the way you want it, so be patient.

5. Fill the jar up!

Finally, put all your pens and pencils in.  You can use the jar for basically anything, but at the moment, mine holds my pens and pencils.

And that’s it! My desk is now looking a little prettier! It takes around 15 minutes but it’s a good way to take your mind off studying and be a little creative.


DSCF5080 DSCF5081 DSCF5082 DSCF5083


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