Stop talking about it! | Body issues

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now. Its content is close to my heart and I’ve been seeing loads of stuff online recently and I’ve decided to write it now, while the topic seems to be quite hot.

I’m talking about weight and body image. And you know what my take on this is? Stop talking about it. People seem fixated on discussing it, sharing articles, saying their own bit. But what they don’t realise is that for someone with serious body issues and by serious I don’t mean those people who ate one too many mince pies over the holidays,I’m talking about people who look at those articles and feel their world collapsing, all this doesn’t help.

People need to shut up about weight and body image and by this I don’t mean just regarding people not being too thin or people not eating enough, I’m saying in general. If someone loses or gains a little weight, don’t tell them directly. A comment like “ooo you’ve lost weight” will give someone the motivation to continue not eating. Preaching also doesn’t work. You’ll make the person mad and hate their body even more. They’ll blame themselves for what you say and make things worse. Also, a person might be naturally thin and is sick of hearing people telling him/her to gain weight.

And don’t tell someone who’s gained a little weight “Well, don’t worry, you look better now” either. They’ll feel betrayed that you feel the need the lie, even if you’re not. You probably don’t know what a person’s going through so just don’t say anything.

And it’s not just about weight. I’m a very short person and I get jokes about it all the time. I don’t mind, it doesn’t effect me, but if I’m having a bad day, it annoys me and if I say something, I become the silly person who “can’t even take a joke”.

So before you comment, share, preach, whatever. Pause. Think. And if you think there’s a serious problem and you’d like to help, try to find indirect ways to help a person. If you can’t do that, just shut up!



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