Say Something. | Opinion

There has been a wave of blog posts over the internet in the last few days, all inspirational, all great. (‘The Power of Words’ Video, 23 Things to do Instead of getting engaged at 23, etc)  How did I come across them?  People share them on their Facebook wall and because I’m curious and bored, I click and read.

Now these posts are great.  I enjoy most of them.  Yet I do not agree with all of them or rather I have something to say about every single one of them.  Yet most people on my Facebook friends list apparently don’t.  And here my dear readers is my question…  How can you share something and expect people to know what you think of it?  Why do people share something like that and not say what they think about it?  Has cyber bullying become this common that people are scared to say what they think? Or have we become so lazy that we click share yet don’t give a little insight of what’s going on in our head?

I may be wrong but I feel as though the more opportunities society is given to speak up, share its opinion and beliefs, the less it’s the doing so and the more passive it’s becoming.

That , I feel, is scary.

Claire x


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