Torn. And cold.

I’m torn.  I’m torn between working on assignments, spending time blogging and watching Breaking Bad.  The last one is the most tempting.  I’m in the final season and boy-oh-boy I’m getting hooked.  But I’m being strong and working on an assignment.  I got a good chunk done so I allowed myself a little break and here I am.  I’ve got loads of ideas for different posts but they’re a bit more time consuming so I’ll do those on an other day.

I have recently realised that I have gone over 100 likes on my Facebook page and given that I rarely promote that, I LOVE IT! This and That will be 2 in the coming weeks and I’m hoping to maybe reach the 150 likes milestone.  If I don’t, that’s OK…I’m happy and proud of the hundred I do have.

Oh and if you haven’t noticed…it’s super, super cold, even in Malta!  My family in Canada are sharing screen shots of their phones and it’s around -30°C which is crazy.  I was in Canada this time 5 years ago when it dropped to a -18°C and let me tell you, it’s not fun! So, family in Canada, I’m sending some of Malta’s sun your way, maybe it warms up a little!

Me in Canada 5 years ago!

Me in Canada 5 years ago!

Claire x


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