First Post | What I Wore

Hey Everybody! It’s 2014 and this is my first post. Woohoo.

I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Day.  Mine were quite good.  I love to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and then lunch the next day with the family.

I rarely do a ‘what I wore’ post as I never really like posts to be all about me and all that but given it’s the new year, I thought I’d indulge.


This year I opted for a coloured dress rather than my standard LBD.  I must admit, this purchase was an impulse buy.  It was on sale on Asos and I had a discount coupon, so I just had to get it.  I wasn’t sure what the colour would really be like but I loved it when I saw it at hand.  It’s less orange and more salmon looking that the picture.  I love how fine the lace is and it flows beautifully.

I paired it with dark tights to contrast the colour and stuck with simple silver jewellery.  Next time I’ll wear my hair up or at least half of it pulled back as I don’t really like how it fell on the bandeau section.  The front is sort of interwined which doesn’t really show because of my hair.

Other than that, I kept the look simple with a little dark lip and basic smokey eyes.

Claire x


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