Clean Up! | Review

Ok so this will probably be a bit of a weird review.  I’m going to review a cleaning product. No, I’m not going to discuss brands of hygene or Dettol (I love the way the Maltese say those two words) but I’m going to tell you about an amazing product for cleaning your electronics.  If, like me you own plenty of touch screen devices you know the hassle with fingerprints, even when you put screen protectors on they tend to get so filthy.  And I sort of am a bit of a germophobe and I’m constantly wiping off my devices.  But no matter how hard I try I never get them to not be mucky or even worse, sticky after using certain sprays.

Until…my boyfriend saved the day! He gave me this spray and cloth from a brand called Muc-Off.  I’d never heard of it but I loved it instantly.  You don’t need to spritz every inch of your screen and the cloth they give you is HUGE! I hate the little cloths you get which simply do nothing except roll up into a ball.  So I thought I’d share this little info.  I looked online and it’s available locally and it’s quite cheap, around Eur2.50 for the small bottle.

Over and out.

This size is available in Malta

This size is available in Malta

Look at the size of the cloth!

Look at the size of the cloth!


100 Kitba | 100th Post

Mingħajr ma naf kif, qomt dalgħodu u għidt illum nixtieq nikteb waħda bil-Malti. Kif ftaħt This and That u ndunajt li din ser tkun kitba numru 100(!!!) tiegħi, irrealizzajt li ma nistax niċċelebra xi ħaga bħal din isbaħ milli nikteb bil-lingwa tiegħi.  Ha ngħid minn issa, skużawni jekk se jkolli xi żbalji ċkejknin imma ilni ma nikteb bil-Malti minn mindu kelli 18.  Naf, tal-mistħija! It-triq ta’ studju li għażilt hija kollha Ingliż u għalhekk sibt ruhi nikteb biss bl-Ingliż.  Nistħi ngħidha din imma qed inħossni stramba nikteb…bil-lingwa tiegħi stess!

Insomma, ħalli ma nkomplix neqred. Peress li din hija il-mitt kitba, ma nistax ma naħtafx l-opportunita’ u ngħid grazzi lil dawk kollha li qed ituni tant kuraġġ.  Il-familja tiegħi, l-għarus tiegħi, ħafna ħbieb (ha nsemmi lilek biss Claire, imma hemm hafna) u dawk kollha li b’Facebook jew b’xi mod iehor iħalluli kummenti veru sbieħ.

Jiena u nistudja dwar ħafna kittieba ta’ żmien ieħor qed nirrealizza kemm qed ngħixu fi żmien sabiħ.  Mhux talli qed inkunu esposti għal kwantita’ infinita t’informazzjoni, imma għandna tant opportunitajiet quddiemna biex inkunu kreattivi. Ejja ma naħluhomx.

Nispera li l-Malti tiegħi ma kienx gravi wisq.


PS.  For those who don’t understand Maltese, this is my 100th post and I decided to write it in my mother tongue.  I basically expressed the shame I feel in not writing in Maltese more often and thanked all those people who, in one way or an other, support me. Thank You!

Why society, why? | Grammy Awards 2014

So yesterday, the Grammy Awards took place.  And what is everyone drooling over? Beyonce girating on a chair, wearing lingerie and seductively “dancing” with her husband on stage.  On the other hand, nobody’s talking about P!nk, who sang a whole song doing aerial gymnastics and singing beautifully.  I seriously have no idea what’s wrong with people in this century.  Oh and before you think I’m hating on Beyonce, I’m not, I loved her Michael Costello dressed, I just hated the performance.


56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

I simply remember my favourite things…

…and then I don’t feel…so bad! Don’t you just love that song? I felt like writing an easy post today and I will be telling you a little about things, actual material stuff, no philosophical nonsense, that I love!

Favourite things!

At a glance: Lana Del Rey, iPad Mini in white, brown brogues, tangle teezer and Breaking Bad. Those are the little things in my life that put a little smile on my face.

Lana Del Rey is a singer for those who don’t know. Her style and sound is quite weird, so don’t expect to switch on her music and love it immediately. It is sometimes quite sombre but I love her! I can listen to her all the time, which I sometimes do and I drive my family crazy because they can’t see what the fascination is about. My iPad mini is possibly the best present I ever gave myself. Before I got an iPad I never thought I’d find much use for it…but boy oh boy do I use it. I love that it’s so compact and it’s a perfect substitute to a computer. I do almost everything on it from school work to writing posts to playing Scarabble, maybe some Candy Crush. I carry it in a light blue cover but I still take it off sometimes to look at how pretty the white is.

Brown brogues! These make me happy because they look so good with everything. I wear them with dresses, jeans, trousers..anything! I just love the way your outfit gets that instant cute factor added in! I own a pair in black too though my brown ones are still my favourite. The Tangle Teezer is a hair brush which eliminates tangles. Yes, I amuse myself easily, but that little monster gives my hair that instant shine and who doesn’t like feeling like they just walked out of a Pantene advert for a few moments?

Then there’s Breaking Bad. You all know my obsession with the show. I have to re-watch some episodes again and I can’t wait to see what I think now that I’ve finished it all!

I didn’t include snowflakes that lay on my nose and eyelashes, maybe next time!


I will not…

I was going over old post recently and I realised that as much as I talk about my ideas and what I like and dislike, I rarely really speak about myself.  I was driving a few days ago and something happened, you’ll see what below, and I thought this could make a good post.  Basically I’m going to tell you 5 things I will most definitely not do, things I hate to have to do and will try everything to avoid.

  • I will not speed.

The inspiration for this post came to me when I was getting over taken by people whilst driving.  I wasn’t going too slow  though and the road I was passing through was not lit plus it’s full of pot holes.  Anyway, I can make all the excuses in the world but the point is I hate speed.  It’s dangerous and I can’t take it.  Even if I’m late I will not speed and I will not ride with someone who speeds.  Simple as that.

  • I will not sit in the middle.

This is actually a weird one.  I’m sort of a little fussy when it comes to being stuck somewhere I can’t move, some people call it claustrophobia, I like to call it “I can’t get out whenever I want”.  My class mates like it though because everyone hates sitting at the very edge of a row because lecturers can come super close and then there’s me, always at the edge.  Living on the edge is a thing now though, right?

  • I will not get into an elevator full of people.

Okay, this is full blow claustrophobia.  I hate this and I will not go in if it’s already full.  It freaks me out that we can stop half way through and there will be so many people and not enough air or something. Crazy, I know. But I won’t do it.  I remember someone once told me they actually volunteered to stand in an elevator full of people while a technician stopped the lift half way down to see what happens in an emergency.  I nearly cried listening to the tale.

  • I will not wear orange or green!

I hate those colours with such a passion.  I own nothing in those colours except for a very light mint skater-skirt.  I went lipstick shopping with a friend once and I drove her crazy, I would not pick any lipstick if it had a little hint of orange in it. The pink one had orange, the red had an orange tinge too and the brown…yeah orange in it too! We never went lipstick shopping again!  The same with green.  I once had mint ice-cream which was for some reason a really dark mint and I hated it so much that without realising I started pushing it off the plate, until a friend realised and asked what on earth I was doing.  This other friend thought I was crazy.

  • I will not go to the circus.

This is an old one.  I’ve always hated the circus.  They torture animals, the tent stinks and clowns scare me.  I remember when I was a little girl my school used to take us to trips every Christmas and I used to beg my mum not to make me go.  The smell is just too horrible, animal dunk and loads of stinky primary school kids. What a nightmare! Not to mention my fear of clowns.  I was a weird little girl, I know!

So that’s what I will not do, ever! There are plenty of other stuff I feel strongly against but these are probably the ones that I won’t do for sure!

Claire x



Red | Sunday OOTD

Hey everyone! So I realised I rarely post an outfit of the day post and I decided to change that.  I know you probably couldn’t care less about what I wear, but just in case you like looking at what other people wear, just like I do, you now can add my outfit to the lot.  I wore this to a friend’s house for an afternoon of board games.  I know, over dressed right? But I’ve been shut off from the world for so long recently that I felt like wearing something other than my trusty jeggings.

IMG_1865 IMG_1863

Shirt – TKMaxx | Cardi – Redherring at Debenhams | Jacket – Back of my closet | Trousers – Primark | Boots – Some store in London | Bag – Primark | Sunglasses – Solaris

Embracing ‘The Selfie’

So if you have no clue what a ‘selfie’ is you’ve either been living under a rock, or you’re…well you’ve been living under a rock. A ‘selfie’, for my dear UAR (under a rock) readers, a selfie is a photo you take of yourself. Yes, those photos. The hipsters hate selfies, the older generation try to take selfies and the rest of us just live in a little in between space where we don’t hate selfies, but they’re sort of undiscovered land. Below I’ve come up with a couple of tips and guidelines to be able to embrace the selfie trend. Oh and there’s me, trying to follow my own advice as best as I can!

IMG_1704 IMG_1698 IMG_1647 IMG_0014

1. Do not pout.

The duck face trend is over, so smile, grin, whatever, just stir away from making a face where you look like you need the bathroom yet you have to take a photo.  A selfie is sweet when you just smile away, almost using it to say ‘hi’ to people online.

2. Use captions wisely.

If you’re going to caption your image or put hashtags on it, please think of what to say.  Be original but don’t be ridiculous.  A face full of make up with bright eyes and perfect hair and a #just #got #up will make people laugh and not in a good way.

3. Look at what’s behind you.

Before snapping away, have a look around.  Toilets, silly people, weird reflections cannot be in a selfie.  It’s them or you. Oh and if you’re using a mirror, don’t try and hide it.  At least have the decency to admit that you looked in the mirror, thought you looked awesome and felt like taking a photo. Honesty’s the key my friends.

4. Don’t drink and selfie.

If you don’t want your face plastered all over Facebook, your eyes rolling and your tongue out a la’ Miley, don’t take selfies when you’ve been drinking.  People will upload the photo even if they tell you they won’t and you’d be surprised at how less funny a selfie looks the next day.

5. Keep it decent.

We all know the story.  Don’t take selfies which are, let’s say, not decent.  It’s silly, stuff you have on your phone can nowadays be traced from basically anywhere, especially if you’ve got an iPhone backed up on iCloud.  If you want to be not decent, try to be more like Kate Winslet in Titanic, and pose for a drawing, there’s a less chance of it getting circulated all over the place.

With that my dear selfie-loving friends, I wish you a happy weekend.  Study hard and have a little break, it will do you wonders.

Claire x

Haven’t yet found The One… | Fashion&Make-Up

Before you think I’m talking about the love of my life, let me stop you there, I’m not.  My private life has nothing to do with this post! I’m talking about the numerous times you want something and bad, yet you can’t seem to find the right one for you.  I put a little “wish list” together to help me decide better and I decided to share.

Haven't yet found The One!

1. Parka – I’ve been on the lookout for a pretty, comfortable and stylish parka for quite some time now. Being as short as me (I know, I talk about my height a lot. Maybe I should rename the blog Shorty Chronicles) it’s quite difficult to find a parka which doesn’t go down too long yet still looks good. I’m also weary on the colour. I love the dirty green on people, yet I can never seem to get myself to wear it.

2.Lilac nail polish – This is a weird one. I’m loving pastel colours on my nails yet they seem to chip off more than the darker shades. I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s a general thing but I can only wear pastel nail polish for two days before it starts chipping off. Also I’m quite picky on the shade of lilac that I want and this makes the hunt even harder.

3. Red lipstick – I just recently lost my favourite red lipstick, nothing special a basic Rimmel one yet it was the perfect shade and felt great on my lips. I’m now hunting for a deep, red lipstick which is long lasting, pigmented and quite matte. I’m not usually the type of person to be affected by high end stuff, I just like what looks and feels good, yet I think I’m going to splurge a little and buy myself a Mac one or even a Nars one.

4. Slogan Beanie – The trend will probably be over by the time I find one I love! It’s usually a case of either loving the word but hating the texture or fit or loving the fit then the word is not my style. A shop in Venice had around 10 different ones, I tried every single one, yet walked out empty handed!

Claire x

Addiction isn’t good, but…

Addiction is never good, you should never get too attached to stuff but…some little things which cause no harm are OK to get addicted to. At least that’s what I tell myself. (A little side note, don’t try to be like me at the moment, my mind is not in its right state) Below you’ll find a couple of stuff I’ve recently got hooked on.

1.Anything Frozen related

If you haven’t heard of Frozen yet, the Disney film, I no longer want you to continue reading.  I joke of course, but seriously, watch the movie.  It’s so amazing full of twists and witty comments and beautiful animation and best of all…awesome songs.  One in particular is ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ and I swear I think I’ve listened to it about a 100 times today.  My brother loves it too and since we’re both stuck at home studying and we need to amuse ourselves, we spent the whole day yelling each other’s names and when we answer back, the other says “Do you want to build a snowman?”.  Having a sibling is pretty awesome,sometimes.

2. Reviews

This is probably the silliest thing I’m crazy on at the moment.  I’m constantly looking for reviews on stuff, be it beauty, films, anything.  From blogs, to YouTube videos to articles…people talking about stuff is fun, especially when all you’re reading is theories and analysis of boring school stuff.

3. Candy Crush

Like the rest of the world, I’m hooked on this game.  I usually hate games, I’m probably one of the few persons who never has games on their phones or iPad…but man this game is addicting.  It’s more so because some of the levels are pretty tricky and it makes you want to win so bad that you keep on trying until you do.  For those who have no idea what Candy Crush is, it’s a game you can play on your phone or tablet or even computer where you need to match fruit together until they burst or you reach a certain number of points.  The game also has really funny sounds with a male voice saying “Delicious” and “Sweet” in such a funny way.  My guess is they tried to make it sexy but it sounds pretty ridiculous. And I love it!

That’s it folks.  Thanks for all the feedback lately, I love reading comments and opinions so keep it coming!