Of mince pies, clothes and fun!

Are you listening to carols today? Did you buy all the gifts? Are you eating mince pies? We probably do one of the 3 some time or other during the next days! It’s Christmas in 2 days! =D How did that happen?

I must admit, I only started getting excited for Christmas last weekend.  I don’t know why but I was sort of not as excited as usual.  But it’s picking up today! All my presents are bought and I’ve already received the first two presents.  I know you should wait ’till Christmas to open presents but I can’t do that I just love enjoying the presents from before.

I’m eating plenty too! We should be going to Christmas breakfast tomorrow night and I’m super excited, more than I am for the booze and carols. Yes if I haven’t ever said on here, I am a pig, I eat everything and love eating.  I love food more than sweets but at this time of year, I seem to grow an extra stomach somewhere.

I’m also planning a couple of Christmas outfits.  I love dressing up even if there’s no special occasion really, but when there is it’s even better.  I always say I won’t buy new outfits and use clothes I bought earlier in the year and haven’t worn yet.  Then Asos send me those blessed emails and I’m looking at all the lovely stuff on discount and you know, I sort of order a thing. Or two. Or..anyway.

How are you spending the next few days? Ready to eat ’till you’re numb?

Claire x

P.S. I put in my favourite Christmas carol below…enjoy!


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