The one where I’ve watched it all!

It’s done! I have finally made it through ten seasons of Friends! It took 6 months and I wish it took longer! I honestly never thought I’d be this hooked on a TV series but it’s just too awesome.  It has beat Desperate Housewives  and it’s now in first place for my top favourite TV series.

For those who’ve watched it, tell me, how do you deal with watching other TV series and not end up saying “meh..Friends was better”?

For those who’ve never watched it, go home, switch on your laptop and get to it…NOW!

Some people will probably think I’m silly and shallow, posting about a TV show, but with all the horrible stuff in the world and in life, why not enjoy 20 minutes of comedy?


PS. What’s your favourite quote from the show? Mine’s the “we were on a BREAK” by Ross and Joey’s “How you doin’?”



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