I had to blog about this.


I’d been working on something for a couple of weeks now and yesterday I funnily got the actual thing in my hand.  The thing I’m talking about is an article on one of Malta’s longest running lifestyle magazines, FM.  And I couldn’t get here without my blog, so obviously, I had to blog about this.

As a little girl, I wasn’t the type to play around with dolls all the time, instead I read, wrote and cut out pictures from stuff and put them on papers which I gave round to my family. So as you can imagine, seeing my name in the contents yesterday was huge for me.  I’ll probably look back on this and smile at sweet, little excited me but the first time is always the first time and I’m allowing myself to be a little silly girl and be happy. 

Starting this blog, I never thought it would lead to something other than me having yet another place to chat on and on, yet it’s been an awesome ride so far.  I have a couple of pretty awesome people around me who seem to not get bored listening to me going on and on about this stuff and for that you guys,I’m forever thankful.

The magazine is distributed all over Malta, shops, salons, hotel, just ask for it, look out for my article and tell me what you think!



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