Ever since I started this blog, I get asked the same question very often: “How do you come up with stuff to write about?”.  I usually just smile and try not to be too awkward because my response is simple, “I get inspired”.  Of course, I rarely say that as it obviously sounds so, I don’t know, snobbish maybe? Or like I think of myself as some great artist, which I’m not.  But really and truly, aren’t we constantly getting inspired?  Why do you feel like wearing all black one day and they next all nice and bright? Or why do you wear your hair straight one day and curly the next? It’s because something has inspired you to do so.  

I have said this before and I will say it again; I can’t stand it when one forces inspiration.  Don’t try too hard.  And see the world, talk to people.  I try to do that as often as possible.  I talk to people all the time, I’m a horrible chatter-box, but you’d be surprised at how something someone says in passing may trigger a whole creative process.  

And see the world.  I’ve also said this before on here…I love travelling.  I love getting immersed into a culture which is so different from mine.  That triggers a lot of ideas and I find myself super inspired when I’m abroad.  

Inspiration is beautiful.  Embrace it. 

Claire x





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