2013 Round-Up | Dreams came true!

It’s the day before New Year’s Eve and I’m sitting here, eager to write about year and all I can think of is “Wow, loads of dreams came true this year!”.  From the places I’ve visited, to the people I’ve met to my personal achievements, it’s been a good year and I’m thankful for it. I won’t bore you with a long post but I’ll just list my 3 best moments of 2013.  3 is my number and given it was 2013, I thought it best to have 3 best moments, 3 dreams coming true!

1. Visiting Chicago.

I’ve said this a million times but my visit to the States was probably the highlight of my year.  I’ve always wanted to visit America.  As a child I was blessed to have visited so many places, but never America.  The spur of the moment decision to Chicago with my dad was the best decision I made.  Scared and excited, I will never forget that feeling when I got out of the taxi and took it all in.  Cheers to my parents for this one, all credit for this dream coming true goes to them.

2. Uni Stuff.

Second dream is probably less exciting yet it’s very important to me.  I don’t usually like to discuss school on here, given that it’s something quite serious and important to me.  This year however a sort of big thing happened.  I got to qualify for the next chunk of my degree and this was quite a challenge since a high average is required.  I worked hard and I made it and that’s a dream come true for me.  I made it happen for myself and for that I’m proud and happy with myself.

3.Blog Stuff.

This is probably the area where I got the most surprises.  My blog will be 2 in January however 2013 was the year I dedicated more time to it and woah, I can’t believe I’m here.  Here is the place where I get people I barely know come up to me telling me they read something and loved it or quoting something I said and saying they love.  Here is also the place where I got published in a local fashion magazine. It’s the place where I’m collaborating with another website other than my own.  I honestly can’t believe this happened.  Not only is this all a dream come true but it makes me feel like I’m in a dream.  I love writing the fact that people are actually reading my posts is already amazing, let alone having all this other stuff happen.  Thank you, everyone, this dream’s all your doing!

Bye 2013, you’ve been great!



PS I’m adding a song at the end, just as I used to do when I started out. Enjoy.


3 Tips for sale shopping…online!

It’s that time of year again…SALE time! Sales are a hassle in actual shops and although online shopping is easier, you still can get a tad overwhelmed. So here are 3 important tips which will hopefully make things a bit easier, believe me ( and my Paypal account), I’m a sort of expert where sales and online shopping are concerned.

1.Read the emails. All of them.

You will get plenty of emails from different websites and brands and even if you usually don’t read them, do during the sales. You might find a hidden coupon or maybe even find stuff you wouldn’t usually look at.

2.Save stuff, then go back to them.

Unlike actual sales, online sales give you the opportunity to save stuff, go back and then purchase them. Use this feature. Prices might be so great that you buy stuff you don’t need or even like. By putting stuff to the side and then going back to them, you’ll have time to see things again and hopefully eliminate some impulse purchases.

3.Compare and contrast

Another benefit if online shopping is the fact that you have all you shops in front of you and you can easily compare prices, styles and qualities. Do check different websites and what they’re offering. It’s sometimes easier to go to your favourite website and stick with that, but by going out of your comfort zone, you might come across a couple of gems!

Last but not least, enjoy it! Shopping is fun and online shopping is no less. I hope this was helpful.


Of mince pies, clothes and fun!

Are you listening to carols today? Did you buy all the gifts? Are you eating mince pies? We probably do one of the 3 some time or other during the next days! It’s Christmas in 2 days! =D How did that happen?

I must admit, I only started getting excited for Christmas last weekend.  I don’t know why but I was sort of not as excited as usual.  But it’s picking up today! All my presents are bought and I’ve already received the first two presents.  I know you should wait ’till Christmas to open presents but I can’t do that I just love enjoying the presents from before.

I’m eating plenty too! We should be going to Christmas breakfast tomorrow night and I’m super excited, more than I am for the booze and carols. Yes if I haven’t ever said on here, I am a pig, I eat everything and love eating.  I love food more than sweets but at this time of year, I seem to grow an extra stomach somewhere.

I’m also planning a couple of Christmas outfits.  I love dressing up even if there’s no special occasion really, but when there is it’s even better.  I always say I won’t buy new outfits and use clothes I bought earlier in the year and haven’t worn yet.  Then Asos send me those blessed emails and I’m looking at all the lovely stuff on discount and you know, I sort of order a thing. Or two. Or..anyway.

How are you spending the next few days? Ready to eat ’till you’re numb?

Claire x

P.S. I put in my favourite Christmas carol below…enjoy!

Christmas Shopping | Cocktails

Christmas Shopping | Cocktails
With lots of shopping to do at the moment and lots of people to meet up with, I often find it a bit difficult shifting from a comfortable outfit I can get all the shopping done in and then with no time to change, head out for drinks with friends.  I wore a very similar outfit last Friday and I think it worked out quite well.  I have a denim shirt I was dying to wear and it’s a bit more ombre and washed out than this one so I opted for black pants to make sure it’s still the main focus.  I chose to wear wedges because they’re super comfy and look nice later on in the day.  As for the bag, I had to have a big bag because I was out all day and I needed my iPad and planners and all that stuff.
I accessorised with a chunky gold necklace and my favourite pair of sunglasses, my cat-eyes! I love how cat-eye sunglasses shape your face and give that stylish and chic look.  I paired my cat-eye sunglasses with a bright red lip and since I kept my make-up on the light side, it complimented the whole look perfectly.
I was unfortunately too busy shopping and sipping cocktails to take any decent photos so that’s why I haven’t used my own look. Sorry!
What’s your day-to-night outfit like?

The one where I’ve watched it all!

It’s done! I have finally made it through ten seasons of Friends! It took 6 months and I wish it took longer! I honestly never thought I’d be this hooked on a TV series but it’s just too awesome.  It has beat Desperate Housewives  and it’s now in first place for my top favourite TV series.

For those who’ve watched it, tell me, how do you deal with watching other TV series and not end up saying “meh..Friends was better”?

For those who’ve never watched it, go home, switch on your laptop and get to it…NOW!

Some people will probably think I’m silly and shallow, posting about a TV show, but with all the horrible stuff in the world and in life, why not enjoy 20 minutes of comedy?


PS. What’s your favourite quote from the show? Mine’s the “we were on a BREAK” by Ross and Joey’s “How you doin’?”


I had to blog about this.


I’d been working on something for a couple of weeks now and yesterday I funnily got the actual thing in my hand.  The thing I’m talking about is an article on one of Malta’s longest running lifestyle magazines, FM.  And I couldn’t get here without my blog, so obviously, I had to blog about this.

As a little girl, I wasn’t the type to play around with dolls all the time, instead I read, wrote and cut out pictures from stuff and put them on papers which I gave round to my family. So as you can imagine, seeing my name in the contents yesterday was huge for me.  I’ll probably look back on this and smile at sweet, little excited me but the first time is always the first time and I’m allowing myself to be a little silly girl and be happy. 

Starting this blog, I never thought it would lead to something other than me having yet another place to chat on and on, yet it’s been an awesome ride so far.  I have a couple of pretty awesome people around me who seem to not get bored listening to me going on and on about this stuff and for that you guys,I’m forever thankful.

The magazine is distributed all over Malta, shops, salons, hotel, just ask for it, look out for my article and tell me what you think!



Ever since I started this blog, I get asked the same question very often: “How do you come up with stuff to write about?”.  I usually just smile and try not to be too awkward because my response is simple, “I get inspired”.  Of course, I rarely say that as it obviously sounds so, I don’t know, snobbish maybe? Or like I think of myself as some great artist, which I’m not.  But really and truly, aren’t we constantly getting inspired?  Why do you feel like wearing all black one day and they next all nice and bright? Or why do you wear your hair straight one day and curly the next? It’s because something has inspired you to do so.  

I have said this before and I will say it again; I can’t stand it when one forces inspiration.  Don’t try too hard.  And see the world, talk to people.  I try to do that as often as possible.  I talk to people all the time, I’m a horrible chatter-box, but you’d be surprised at how something someone says in passing may trigger a whole creative process.  

And see the world.  I’ve also said this before on here…I love travelling.  I love getting immersed into a culture which is so different from mine.  That triggers a lot of ideas and I find myself super inspired when I’m abroad.  

Inspiration is beautiful.  Embrace it. 

Claire x




Bastille’s ‘Of the Night’ | Childhood Memories!

The first time I heard this song I was driving and I honestly nearly hit the breaks so hard that it wouldn’t have even been funny! The original song was by Corona, an Italian group from the 90s. Now any 90s kid in Malta will remember the endless Italian music programmes our parents watched all Summer. We remember days before cable, so Italian TV was all we had.

It’s funny, 90s stuff are so on trend right now but I think only actual 90s kids get to understand how stuff like this trigger so many childhood memories.

So yeah, I think this is one of the first songs I actually remember so a cover by one of my favourite bands at the moment was awesome. Would I be asking too much if someone covered Blue?

Claire x