Everyone’s Frozen today…even Disney!

Every time I’m abroad and there’s a Disney store, I swear I have to go in everyday, just a quick round look at all the stuff and back out. I was away a few weeks ago and there was this quaint little Disney store, right in my face so needless to say, I went in everyday. (Luckily, my boyfriend loves Disney just as much as I do)

There I saw stuff from their new movie ‘Frozen’ and the main character, a Disney princess in the future for sure, is so sweet looking that I knew I’d like the movie. It’s released today in the US and all I’ve seen is the trailer and heard the official soundtrack by Demi Lovato but I’m already loving it. It’s basically about a village which is turned from a summer paradise to a frozen land by the main character’s sister. Then the girl attempts to save her village by stopping it from freezing completely. Something on those lines, at least!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge Disney fan, so every time a really good Disney movie comes out, I’m super excited. I also love how the girls are now all feisty as opposed to the whole prince saving the day thing, though I do miss a damsel in distress story every now and again. I hope they don’t take it to the extreme and make the girls all awesome now and the boys all wimpy.

What do you think of Disney? Are you eager for the new movie to come out?


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s Frozen today…even Disney!

  1. I’m always looking forward for a good Disney or Pixar movie to come out. Can’t wait for ‘Frozen’ and ‘Saving Mr.Banks’ which is another Disney movie

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