Winter Favourites – Shoes

Winter Favourites - Shoes
I did a post a few weeks ago on coats similar to this one and I got plenty of great comments so I thought why not do this again but with shoes?
I love shoes though I’m not really a shoe-crazy person.  I honestly think that the above styles are what I wear most.  The brown brogues and blue pumps are my go-to shoes for Uni.  I love the look with skinny jeans or tights and the brogues particularly give that preppy touch which is perfect for a day at Uni where I have to look a little bit more sophisticated.
The other flat shoe I chose is the black suede ankle booties.  I have a similar pair in brown though I’m looking for black ones.  For those who don’t know, I’m very, very short (4ft10) and I realised that wearing really long boots only make me look shorter.  These ankle boots make my legs look a wee bit longer, plus I love how they look with tights.
The two shoes left are my going-out shoes.  Black wedges are honestly what I wear all winter.  They are super comfy compared to stilettos and I love pairing them with skater dresses or jeans and a blazer.
Finally, red stilettos!  I love red in Winter, especially round Christmas time.  I love wearing all black and then throw in a red lip and my killer read stilettos.  I also have  a pair of wedges where they’re all black with the wedge part in red, yeah, best of both worlds right?
What’s your favourite pair of shoes in Winter?

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