Short Sunday Post!

Hey! Another Sunday evening! I had a great weekend but I’m dreading the week to come as I have a thousand ends to tie up and I need to concentrate hard all week.  I have an awesome post planned too though I need to dedicate some time playing around with pictures so I didn’t want to do it now for the sake of doing it.  Keep your eyes open for this particular post, it’s going to be a fun one. 

I’m hooked on Breaking Bad at the moment.  Yes, I’ve started another series.  I honestly think I have some sort of addiction at this point and I don’t think there’s a way back.  I blame my Mum.  As a kid I remember her watching X-Files and ER and she would make me look away because I was so young.  And it always intrigued me as too why she would be so interested in the stories.  Well, Ma, now I know how you felt and I totally understand.

It’s also November which means I might do a sort of what I loved last month post or something of the sort.  So yeah, stay tuned, there’s loads to come this week!

Claire xxx

P.S. Sorry if this post is all over the place, I’m dead tired! 


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