So much to do…so little time!

How is it Thursday already? It’s Thursday night and next thing I know it’s Sunday evening.  I have no idea how time is passing so quickly.  I guess it’s because I’m super busy.  I’m trying to juggle a hundred and one things all day, every day.  I’m not complaining, I honestly would be very silly to complain because half the reason I’m so busy is because I love doing so many things.

Today is the last day of October which means, I’ve been back at Uni for a whole month already.  It also means we’re one more month closer to Christmas.  I have conflicting feelings about October, there are some awesome days which have really great meaning whilst others not so much.  I enjoy getting back into the Winter so that’s a plus.  It’s finally cooling down over here, I can almost hear my blazers and sweaters calling my name! I wore boots today and a scarf and I already felt better.  I just love fashion in Winter, there are just so many options.  In Summer I never feel dressed up enough, I love maxi dresses and flowing skirts, but nothing beats Winter stuff.

I’m off to catch-up on my TV series, hopefully I won’t doze off half way through.  I’m hoping to put up an October favourites post tomorrow or Saturday, just because I’ve got so many new things I’m loving at the moment!

Happy Halloween!

Claire x


I also managed to sneak a visit to the National Aquarium this week!


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